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MaloryTowers Mon 15-Aug-05 09:50:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TracyK Mon 15-Aug-05 09:51:55

Oh god I must go - been thinking about it for ages! did they have any military jackets - I heard they had some for winter.

cadbury Mon 15-Aug-05 09:54:09

i saw some in there tracey

MaloryTowers Mon 15-Aug-05 09:55:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cardy Mon 15-Aug-05 09:58:45

I am always poping into Primark and have bought loads of stuff for me, dp, and dds but I have a friend who says she will NEVER shop there - full of rubbish and like a jummble sale not to mention the people!! A tad snobby me thinks? I feel so embarrassed when she asked where my clothes are from. I am so glad other loves it too!!

sparklymieow Mon 15-Aug-05 10:01:35

TRacyK I brought a black Military jacket in March in Primark!! Didn't realise they were going to fashionable Its lovely though, I really must get over to our nearest one and spend spend spend......

jenk1 Mon 15-Aug-05 10:35:04

do they do good clothes for toddlers there?

katierocket Mon 15-Aug-05 10:38:02

that black military jacket was in the Sunday Times yesterday, apparently there is a waiting list for them.

Tinker Mon 15-Aug-05 10:41:26

It was in the Indie yesterday as well. Could be this winter's gypsy skirt?

libbyss Mon 15-Aug-05 10:42:34

and also in Marie Claire.
I think Kate Thorn, Natalie Appleton, Keira Knightly et all have been seen wearing them. They had sold out in my local one.

trace2 Mon 15-Aug-05 10:44:08

jenk1 yes they do but i find the girls stuff are better

cori Mon 15-Aug-05 10:53:57

I bought DS entire summer wardrobe there for less than £15.00.
I have recently rediscovered primark. Was annoyed about clothes constantly falling apart and became a bit snobby about it myself. I think the quality has improved a bit. Recently bought two great skirts and I bought DS entire summer wardrobe there for less than £15.00.

TracyK Mon 15-Aug-05 10:55:26

am going this weekend now.........

cardy Mon 15-Aug-05 11:03:46

Some of the kids stuff is really good but I do find the t.shirts don't wash so well so it's a bit of a false economy. I do think you need to plough through some of the rubbish and you'll find lots of bargins.

TracyK Mon 15-Aug-05 11:13:51

the winter stuff for toddlers is fabby in Matalan too.

Caligula Mon 15-Aug-05 11:15:47

Tip: go first thing in the morning on a weekday morning, before everyone else has thrown the clothes all over the shop and it's easier to find things!

jenk1 Mon 15-Aug-05 11:16:47

i like matalan think i will go and have a look there as well

TracyK Mon 15-Aug-05 11:18:00

I got ds a great lumberjack shirt and red puffed gilet thing. £5 for the shirt and £7 for the gilet. He looks so smart - just like a little Gap kid!

trace2 Mon 15-Aug-05 11:18:10

i love adsa chothes for ds cheap and very trendy

loulabelle222 Mon 15-Aug-05 11:22:49

Primark is trendy! I am 23 and all my friends and my sisters friends are proud to say our clothes are from primark.
I got lots of tops in the summer that were £3 and exactly the same tops were in warehouse for £25!

trace2 Mon 15-Aug-05 11:24:31

yes it is but am a little shorty and a size 18 and there clothes just dont fit me

clary Mon 15-Aug-05 11:36:23

ooh I splashed out £15 on a velvet cropped jacket from primark and dh said I shd be singing “Prince Charming”. Looked good tho and for the money it’s got to be worth it.
New resolution is not to buy anything expensive as it gets ruined when I or the kids spill sthg on it.
So a £2 T shirt from primark is what we need.
(sadly our local store is closing...not for want of busienss lol)

cardy Mon 15-Aug-05 11:36:57

Exactly loulabelle222 - I look what they have in Warehouse and Oasis and get something very similar from Primark.

I get bored of clothes very quicky and hate wearing the same things all the time, so why pay £30 when you can pay £8?!

TracyK Mon 15-Aug-05 11:39:03

whats the biggest ladies sizes in Primark and are things big or small made?

MaloryTowers Mon 15-Aug-05 12:14:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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