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brazilian permanent blow dry - who has had one? any good??

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superv1xen Wed 16-Jun-10 11:33:28


this has been done before but ages ago, i looked at the old thread but not many replies; i am seriously thinking of having this done and was wondering if any of you ladies on here have had it done, and where, and what the result was like?? and how much does it cost?


iloveasylumseekers Wed 16-Jun-10 11:34:33

I'm thinking of having this done, too. I need a miracle!

malovitt Wed 16-Jun-10 11:36:36

I just got a text from my hairdresser offering me one of these for 25% off - what is it?

Lavitabella Wed 16-Jun-10 11:41:31

Me too - Rush in Richmond they only offered me 20% off though!

CuppaTeaJanice Wed 16-Jun-10 11:44:12

What is it? When you said Brazilian I presumed you meant 'downstairs'! Not sure if I'd want a blow dry down there!!!! grin

LouIsWaltzingMatilda Wed 16-Jun-10 11:46:12

Oh Rock and Fairy had a sign up. At first I thought it was some kind of all over head wax.
How does it last 3 months? I do wash my hair occasionally.

Lavitabella Wed 16-Jun-10 11:46:37

grin at CuppaTeaJanice can you imagine, less painful though I'd imagine!

Apparently Brazillian blow dry is like a permanant blow dry lasts 6 months or so but I think they are about £200. For any hair type but very good on frizzy hair.

superv1xen Wed 16-Jun-10 12:10:51

lol yeah the word "brazilian" kinda implies its not for the hair on your head doesnt it

DarrellRivers Wed 16-Jun-10 12:20:09

Am bumping as am interested
I want more body and style and can't be arsed to style my bob every day
Would it add body and shape?
Or do you still have to style?

OneFishTwoFish Wed 16-Jun-10 12:31:11

I had it done last Novmber and was really impressed with the results. I have naturally very curly but fine hair which tends to frizz when straightened with irons. I was worried about the effects of so much straightening especially as my hair is also coloured so I tried this treatment.

They wash your hair with some special clarifying shampoo then dry it, before applying this keratin solution and sealing it in with irons. It took about 2 hours to do my just past the shoulder hair, though I think it takes longer on thicker hair. Once you've had it done you can't wash your hair, let it get wet or tie it back for about 4 days or so. You're not even meant to tuck it behind your ears, though I kept forgetting about that.

My hair felt in much better condition afterwards and required far less styling, it just sort of fell into place with a quick blow dry. I also found I hardly had to use irons on it after the treatment. As I said, I had it done in November and the effects haave more or less worn off now. I will be having it done again in a few weeks just before my baby arrives so at least my hair will look alright post-partum!

I think it was £120, and I go to quite a nice salon in the City, so £200 sounds steep to me. I have definitely seen it advertised in West London for around £100


Duritzfan Wed 16-Jun-10 12:38:36

ooooh .. I am considering going for this but was worried because my hair is quite fine and needs very regular colouring ....
I am very very grey sad

So onefish, you think it would be ok on my hair ? Its in good condition...

OneFishTwoFish Wed 16-Jun-10 12:45:15

Yes, I think it would be fine. According to my hairdresser it actually improves the hair condition and continues to improve it each time you have the treatment (though at £120 a pop I suppose she would say that!) I have my roots coloured every 4-5 weeks and had the Braziliam treatment 2 weeks after a colour.

My hair felt incredibly silky afterwards, I kept flicking it around in the style of a naff shampoo ad!

Duritzfan Wed 16-Jun-10 18:14:40

oh now Im excited..have called Trevor Sorbie who do this and they have confirmed that it will not make any difference to the condition of my hair and will prob improve it...
think I may be about to book.... have to run the cost by hubby first I think ....

superv1xen Thu 17-Jun-10 11:54:33

thanks for the feedback good luck to duritzfan, come back and let us know what its like wont you?

i have found somewhere in the town where i live that offers it for £85 .... but seems a bit TOO cheap...kind of too good to be true

mrsshackleton Thu 17-Jun-10 14:17:50


In answer to your question

Your hair sounds a little bit like mine and I had a Brazilian for body and style like you - imagined my hair would be all bouncy and immaculate like after a salon blow dry every day!

It doesn't really work like that, it basically makes your hair less frizzy and if you leave it to naturally dry it will dry into a very straight and be quite manageable. But it doesn't add body, if anything the opposite as the final effect is very flat.

The difference it's made to my hair is there but not worth the £££ plus the time the treatment takes plus the fact you can't wash hair for three days/have to use special shampoo forever after etc. I had it about a month ago and already the effects are wearing off and this was at a bleedin' "top salon" which charged me £250 shock for the process

IMO it's only worth it if you have very frizzy hair and use straighteners a lot (which you may do, but I don't/didn't). Spend the cash on blowdrys when you need them instead


DarrellRivers Thu 17-Jun-10 16:15:29

Thankyou MrsS, that answers my question v well

Rohey Thu 17-Jun-10 19:33:16

I had mine done 2 weeks ago now by The Ginger group for £99.. I have just below shoulder length, rather frizzy hair, which can only be tamed by my GHD's.!!

The treatment was called the Global treatment.

I washed it on day 4 at home using Philip Kingsley shampoo as it does not have any sodium chloride. I left my hair to dry naturally and it was lovely. No frizz but not poker straight either. Did not want poker straight for the summer, wanted the more bed hair look.

I am happy with the look and I am so glad that I don't need to take my GHD's out anymore.

I am 7.5 months pregnant and love the fact that this would be one less thing for me to worry about when DC3 comes along. Depending on how long this lasts I will contemplate having it done again. Hope that helps xx

Cicatrice Thu 17-Jun-10 20:30:12

I had it done in April. 'When it was first done it was absolutely poker straight but after the first 4 days it looked as though i had blow dried it rather than just blasted it dry. (i don't find that I can leave mine to dry naturally - if I do, it looks a bit lank)

But it has lasted well and does make me look a lot more tidy for no more effort.

I think that I will get it done again - but I will get my hair cut into a style that I could never be bothered to "keep" as then I will feel that I am getting more of my money's worth.

It cost me £250 (non sodium chloride shampoo and condition included)

superv1xen Sat 19-Jun-10 10:51:11

cicatrice - how is it now? does it still look as good as it did when u first had it done?

sotough Sat 19-Jun-10 12:21:16

hi there
i have had this done three times now at Hari's on Brompton Road and absolutely love it. I have fine hair, tuough an awful lot of it, which takes a lot of styling and straightening. with this treatment it takes me about 5-10mins to dry and style my hair compared to 20mins and the condition of my hair is soooo much better. i am an addict!
Hari's charges £200 but it seems other salons are now offering it much cheaper so i might go elsewhere...
One thing i'm still not sure about is whether it's safe in pregnancy. there is various stuff on the internet about some treatments containing formaldehyde, quite a toxic chemical.

sotough Sat 19-Jun-10 12:22:13

just to add that in my case it lasts about 12 weeks max. apparently it lasts longer each time you do it.

Cicatrice Sun 20-Jun-10 20:04:29

superv1xen - I didn't think it looked very good when it was first done. It looked very artificially straight. Now it looks as though it has been blow dried (properly) when I have blasted it dry.

Previously that would have given a Whitesnake effect.

It has now been 10 weeks since it was done and it is still lasting well.

superv1xen Mon 21-Jun-10 12:48:48

sounds great to me!!!

cheekychopsmum Mon 21-Jun-10 13:19:17

Anyone know where to get it done in Manchester?

madeindevon2 Mon 21-Jun-10 13:25:02

mrsshakleton - i could have written your post. i second it!

i wouldnt bother again. tbh bit of a waste of money.

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