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Home laser hair removal kits?

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Whoamireally Sun 13-Jun-10 13:43:58

I have a shedload of Boots points to spend on something and thinking of getting one of the laser hair removal kits. I mainly want to do my underarms and bikini line - I am pale skinned with darker hair in those areas blush so that means laser would work, right?

Anyway, does anyone have a home laser hair removal kit and does it actually work - I can't afford to go and get it done in the salon so a 'free' kit (well, with my boots points) would be fab - but only if it works!

Meglet Sun 13-Jun-10 13:46:41

How many points do you have?!!!

I've been keeping my eye on them too as I have light skin and dark hair.

The phillips lumea is the new fancy one I think.

Whoamireally Sun 13-Jun-10 13:49:53

Oooh loads, somewhere in the mid £200's amazing what you can achieve with a few extra points vouchers! shock

There is one, that sort of stunts the hair for a few months then it grows back, that's not the Lumea is it? If so I don't want that one, I want it gone GONE forever..

Meglet Sun 13-Jun-10 13:54:25

don't they all have a re-growth period for a while, as the hair grows in cycles so might be missed first time round.

I should investigate it really. I don't even own a skirt or dress as it's just not worth the bother with my legs, waxing only makes them presentable for a few days.

I'm impressed you have that many points, I've just managed to scrape together enough to buy a tube of perform & protect!

Whoamireally Sun 13-Jun-10 13:58:39

LoL I sort of resent spending them on 'normal' stuff like nappies etc - so I save them for buying Christmas presents with but then most of my family are snobs and I just know that if I bought their pressies in Boots they'd end up in the next tombola....hmm So they then don't get spent, and they stack up instead wink

used2bthin Sun 13-Jun-10 14:02:53

I'd be very interested to know this too as have started a thread today about hair removal creams not working. A friend and I were talking about sharing one but its still a lot of money if it didnt work. Is pain free Ithink so does appeal!

rookiemater Sun 13-Jun-10 17:08:44

I have bought the Boots Smooth Skin about a month ago which is what I think you are talking about.

I haven't found it has done wonders yet, but it is chin hair and quite stubborn.

It doesn't hurt compared to electrolysis or waxing and is quite easy to use.

Apparently it does not permanently remove as such, it promises permanent reduction. You are meant to do up to 12 weekly sessions for it to be removed, then top up once every couple of months. If you had laser treatment in a salon, you would also need to get a session every year or so as it's all to do with hair follicle growing cycles and is very dull.

If you are buying it for your legs though be warned a lot of reviews have said it takes a long time, circa 1/2 hour for each leg and then the handset needs replacing quite quickly.

Am still keeping my fingers crossed for my chin, if this doesn't work, then will have to go back to plan A of saving up Tesco vouchers for proper salon laser treatment.

Whoamireally Sun 13-Jun-10 19:45:24

Really? So proper laser hair removal is not in fact permanent!!!

I was actually thinking of this one - I need a few more points yet but if they are truly crapola there is no point in me buying everything bar my groceries in Boots to make the points total.

rookiemater Sun 13-Jun-10 21:19:39

For some reason the lady in Boots thought that the Boots one was the best, now I know she probably would say that, but check out the Martin Lewis forum, there is a huge discussion around the Boots Smooth Skin and the alternatives available and pros and cons.

Apparently no form of hair removal is actually 100% permanent but much reduced. To be honest if it wasn't for the fact that mine is facial hair I wouldn't be bothered about it.

kateecass Mon 14-Jun-10 14:01:19

I did loads of research too and the boots one came out best. I found a thread on here that linked to a couple of blogs about it.

angie1508 Tue 28-Feb-17 19:16:34

get a try karmin ipl hair removal smile

MrsDoylesTeabags Tue 28-Feb-17 19:23:18

I got the Philips Lumea last year and it's really worked. I stopped using it for a while (pure lazyness) and the hair did start growing back but very slowly and much finer. I'd only have to shave about once a week. I've started using it again in the last month or so and am noticning the differeence already.

SashaTaught Tue 28-Feb-17 21:24:13

I've been looking into this myself.

I'm leaning towards the Lumea. Something I found really useful in getting an understanding was youtube. I know she gets a lot of stick but Nadine Baggott has done a vid on this which is a good starting point.

blibblibs Tue 28-Feb-17 21:52:13

I have the Phillips lumea and love it. Like the previous poster you do have to keep on top of it as I don't believe any of them really do prevent any regrowth.
I got mine mostly for my face and i no longer have to shave everyday which is a huge bonus.
I do my underarms and bikini line in the run up to summer which saves on the daily shaving too. And the only reason I do that is due to the fact that they only have a certain amount of zaps, 250000 I believe, and I want to save them for my face grin
Also with the lumea if it goes unused for a while it can just stop working so I charge mine up on the first of every month just to keep it healthy.

blibblibs Tue 28-Feb-17 21:53:45

And I've just noticed this is a zombie thread!

minesatelamate Fri 07-Jul-17 09:54:54

Hi blibblibs,
I know this is an old post, but i keep revisiting the this every year when summer comes and still can decided if buying home hair laser removal kit is worth it smile
I can't afford to have it done at the salon unfortunately.
Please could you let me know which model of Phillips Lumia do you use?
many thanks x

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