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If you were going out this Friday.......

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Nbg Wed 10-Aug-05 22:07:04

what would you wear?

I need inspiration!

kid Wed 10-Aug-05 22:28:05

looks like none of us go out anymore Nbg

moondog Wed 10-Aug-05 22:29:42

Well,where I live, it would be a headscarf and a long shapeless coat with clumpy shoes lol!
(Eastern Turkey)

Assuming there is anywhere to go of an evening,which there isn't....

Nbg Wed 10-Aug-05 22:30:51

Headscarfes are in now anyway MD

Nbg Wed 10-Aug-05 22:30:52

Headscarfes are in now anyway MD

MrsGordonRamsay Wed 10-Aug-05 22:31:00

Very faded blue jeans, white or black t-shirt and boots.

KBear Wed 10-Aug-05 22:31:10

Well I went to a few lively bars in town last Friday and I panic-bought a pair of strides in Next in my lunch hour!, wore a shimmery blue halter-neck top and slung my denim jacket over the top. Anything goes these days I think.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Wed 10-Aug-05 22:31:44

im going out saturday night for my birthday and ill probably wear big fat maternity trousers and a smart top - not much help i know and of course in my condition im only going to bingo!

Hattie05 Wed 10-Aug-05 22:34:11

Depends where are you going?

Nbg Wed 10-Aug-05 22:36:19

In to town we're on a strict time schedule??? (7:30-11) and it's with 3 women from the cul de sac where I live. 2 of them are about 10 years older than me and the other is maybe 20 years older???

spursmum Wed 10-Aug-05 22:38:23

Im going to be wearing a pair of khaki linen trouers and a black shirt for my date on sunday(yay for me..its been 2 years!)

Nbg Wed 10-Aug-05 22:39:57

Aww, have a good night SM!

Hattie05 Wed 10-Aug-05 22:40:59

So to a pub then?

I'd go for jeans, heels and a nice top - halterneck.

spursmum Wed 10-Aug-05 22:43:24

Thanx Nbg. Btw I'm off to the pub so I think a good rule of thumb would be smart but not to OTT IYKWIM

Nbg Wed 10-Aug-05 22:47:52

I was going to go for jeans, top and heels but didn't know if that wasn't smart enough.

Hattie05 Wed 10-Aug-05 22:51:39

No thats perfect for a pub!

If you were going on somewhere after i'd say dress up a bit more, but just for a drink with the girls jeans are great - whatever makes you feel comfortable really!

Nbg Wed 10-Aug-05 22:53:34

I was going to wear a wrap dress but when I put it on all my lumpy bumpy bits showed!

Hattie05 Wed 10-Aug-05 22:59:46

lol, depends which bits are lumpy bumpy

Nbg Wed 10-Aug-05 23:02:23

Saddlebags and a bit of a belly lol!

Hattie05 Wed 10-Aug-05 23:05:10

hmmm not so good in the wrap dress then

I have an amazing black top which is v neck and has sort of bat wings iykwim. But whats amazing about it is it diguises big belly, i don't know how, it just does. Hence it is the only item of clothing that has lasted in my wardrobe for a good few years now!

loulabelle222 Thu 11-Aug-05 09:25:25

its meant to be really hot friday so maybe you could try a long /knee length skirt?

Nbg Thu 11-Aug-05 09:44:20

I heard that too Loulabelle.

I think the plan is go with jeans/top/heels combo and if it's red hot have a good scream and pull my hair out as I won't have the foggiest what to wear!

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