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TANK TOPS ANYONE?????????????????????

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MaloryTowers Wed 10-Aug-05 10:07:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sweetmonkey Wed 10-Aug-05 10:15:37

not sure if its what you are after but i got some lovely ones from look again, that have a shirt built into them too

i have a rose one with white shirt underneath, black with white shirt and my fave a gorgeous brown one with a white shirt which has a pink and brown pin stripe

i can do a link if you want but they do all have shirts sewn in not just tank tops alone

Kelly1978 Wed 10-Aug-05 10:28:07

For kids or adults?

gingerbear Wed 10-Aug-05 10:29:03

I am still thinking of Father Dougal whenever anyone mentions TT's.

Xena Wed 10-Aug-05 10:32:30

I would like the black, chocolate and Multi Jaquard I love tank tops

MaloryTowers Wed 10-Aug-05 10:54:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PeachyClair Wed 10-Aug-05 11:30:13

There were some nice tank tops here

additions which I am coveting secretly, as DH not keen (I like the pink fairisle one!

Kelly1978 Wed 10-Aug-05 17:37:54

saw some in next today, plain knitted.

dropinthe Wed 10-Aug-05 17:39:47

How can you be thinking of tank tops in this heat??

Xena Wed 10-Aug-05 17:47:34

Preparation dropinthe
Kelly did they have the shirt bit in? I want one without.

iota Wed 10-Aug-05 17:51:06

not tank tops again - I remember them from the 70's - will you be wearing shirts with HUGE collars as well?

Kelly1978 Sat 13-Aug-05 07:30:20

No they didn't. I saw a really nice brown one. sleeveless.

peckarollover Fri 19-Aug-05 20:57:59

Ive got a lush lush lush cashmere one from last year

chocolate brown - I wear over plain vest, capped sleeve T or over victoriana type shirt

Pruni Fri 19-Aug-05 20:59:33

Message withdrawn

evesmama Fri 19-Aug-05 21:00:27

have just got directory through and they have loads..ive been after one since last year..hurraaaaayyyyy

Pruni Sat 20-Aug-05 16:27:25

Message withdrawn

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