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Shoe and hair things with maxi dress - advice please!

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Whoamireally Thu 20-May-10 18:23:03

Have just bought this dress for a civil partnership ceremony in July. Would never have picked it out myself but the woman in Planet went to fetch it and it looks absolutely amazing on despite me being 5ft 4 and a bit chubby - and is REALLY comfy!!

Anyway, I now have a shoe and hair thing dilemma...what am I meant to do for shoes? Would prefer a small heel being of the shorter persuasion but can't find any that go with the style of the dress? Any ideas?

And has anyone seen any nice fascinator type things that would look right? I have a mousey dark blonde bob.

Any suggestions gratefully received!

Whoamireally Thu 20-May-10 22:46:30

shameless bump

sleepwhenidie Fri 21-May-10 11:47:07

Lovely dress - have to say that IMHO heels don't really work with maxi dresses, spoils the relaxed vibe somehow. Wearing something in your hair would dress it up for the wedding though. Have a look here for ideas and then head for high street to find similar (unless you are feeling very flush, in which case shop away!). There are lots of maxi dresses on that site to give you styling ideas too.

If you really really want heels then wedge sandals would be best option and pretty comfy.

Whoamireally Fri 21-May-10 23:18:06

Ooooh thank you so very much sleepwhenidie wedges sound like a fab idea! I am not sure I can stretch to Philip Treacy prices for the hair thing but def good for ideas...

blinks Sat 22-May-10 00:03:55

a fascinator would definately be overkill with such a highly patterned dress.

if you have long hair i would sweep it up with some clips so it's relaxed looking but dressy.

here are some low/mod heel wedges that might go with the dress-



here (black or red would go as there's a splash of red in the dress. might be lovely actually.

here (best in white for this dress)

this clip would go well.

here are coloured hair pins for swept up look.

Whoamireally Sat 22-May-10 13:47:20

Thanks blinks I adore those red wedges and have just ordered them grin

What do you think about a red wrap?

Still dithering about the hair things - I love the hair pins but I have a bob so not much to clip up as such - having seen the feather I think I understand what you mean about a fascinator being OTT.

Jojay Sat 22-May-10 14:01:25

I'm wearing a maxi dress to a wedding, with wedges, as the dress is too long with falt shoes.

I'm not wearing anything in my hair but I have a cardi to wear over the top and I've pinned a corsage to it - it look really nice smile

blinks Sat 22-May-10 14:19:19

yeah! i liked the red ones the best...

a bob is trickier... definitely not a fascinator. i reckon red wrap would be nice with the shoes and leave it at that. maybe some nice big thin hoop earrings? you'd be best keeping accessories simple with such a bold print or you'll over egg the pudding.

Whoamireally Sat 22-May-10 19:41:06

Good plan blinks - it's the first time I've ever worn anything I would normally consider 'a bit loud' so maybe I'd just feel uncomfortable if I had something in my hair too or a flashy necklace.

Great idea about the corsage - thanks Jojay smile

FashionGirl123 Tue 21-Jun-11 07:48:09

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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