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World super bike @ Brands Hatch - anyone ever been...

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Nixz Fri 05-Aug-05 08:54:29

To this or something similar?
I dunno what to wear at all. Im camping the night before so i have to travel light. I want something nice but practical - do i go with the linen trousers, mules and summer top or the Timberland boots, baggy jeans and tee?

dottee Fri 05-Aug-05 09:30:18

Haven't been but dp would love to (go again as he's a retired biker - it would make a change from having the damn things on telly all weekend, she whispers). I would imagine bike leathers are preferable but if not, greasy t-shirts and jeans (unless you are one of the scantily clad women holding brollies over Messrs Rossi, Gibernau, et als' heads!)

juice Sun 07-Aug-05 17:32:25

nixz, defo the jeans and boots. mules will not be very practical, well not to the race meetings i have ever been to any way

Fio2 Sun 07-Aug-05 17:33:47

wear practical stuff, think "camping"

have a great time btw, I must be getting old

swiperfox Sun 07-Aug-05 18:09:42

hiya! def jeans and t-shirt. Something comfy.

I wanna gooooooooo!!!

Nixz Sat 13-Aug-05 00:22:42

I did the kind of cool top and jeans and boots on the saturday niight for the live band and tshirt, jeans and boots for the sunday and apart from the bikini clad girls (grrrrrr) felt comfortable. I had the best time ever, fandabby!!!!!!!
Not to mention the fact that DP work colleagues were there with huge (i mean huge) food marquee and huge disco marguee going on in the campsite!!! V V good day.

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