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the mumsnet HOME HAIR DYE review thread...,

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lucykate Sun 09-May-10 14:13:30

there seem to be so many people asking about home hair dye thought this might be a useful thing to start. post here with your normal hair colour, brand and shade you are using and also with the result good or bad. i will have multiple posts coming as have used so many different ones in the search for my ideal shade, but will start with...,

L'OREAL EXCELL 10, shade 7.13 dark frosted blonde

normal hair colour - dark blond with a smattering of grey

outcome - bit on the light side and also a bit too red for me, was disappointed, won't use again.

ameliameerkat Sun 09-May-10 14:30:40

Boots own brand. Avoid at all costs. Ended up with purple hair whilst working in a girls' boarding school. That was awkward.

TheCrackFox Sun 09-May-10 14:41:35

Garnier Nutrisse

Vanilla Blonde shade 10

Normal hair colour - moussey brown with a bit of grey

outcome - nice colour but needed a wash as for me it was slightly brassy. not very good at covering grey but lightened my hair so hard to see the grey.

honeydragon Sun 09-May-10 14:47:53

schartzkopf country colours - semi tone on tone lasts about 6 weeks (washing regularly)

me dark mousey brown

result deep long lasting aubern

mum has black hair with 30-40% grey uses same result is a lovely dark red with redder very natural highlights.

I love this product
its brilliant and only £2.49

tethersend Sun 09-May-10 15:03:36

Anyone know of a good natural ginger colour hairdye?

I am ginger, and want to get rid of greys and 'brighten' the colour a bit, but everything is dark red or aubergine hmm

I am currently using Nice n Easy 108, but it is a bit dark and fades really fast...

CiderIUpAndSetIFree Sun 09-May-10 15:29:08

Daniel Field - Dark Ash Brown

Normal hair colour - very dark ash brown with about 40% grey

Outcome - pretty good, was a bit too dark initially (am trying to avoid the jet black look as grey roots are so bad) but fades naturally without going pinky or orangey on the grey. Grey blended in well on regrowth.

Recommended for dark haired Winters!

Tethersend - Daniel Field do red colours as well - are these any good
Daniel Field

Jbck Sun 09-May-10 15:35:06

Honeydragon which shade do you buy?

cyb Sun 09-May-10 15:36:51

those 10 minutes ones are CRAPOLA

HairExtensions Sun 09-May-10 15:38:43

L'oreal Casting (Semi-Perm)at the moment as I wanted to change my normally blonde hair but wanted a temporary effect.

I quite like it and have alternated between:

Latte (Frosted brown) which was a bit dark for me initially but okay after a few washes

Caramel (Reddish brown)

Usually have blonde highlights done at hairdressers but when I can't afford it(which is most of the time now) I use L'oreal but have tried a few different shades but I never get the result I want and it always goes gingery (hence going darker these days!)

Lulumaam Sun 09-May-10 15:39:32

BOTANICS SEMI PERMANENT IN WARMED TERRACOTTA AUBURN - I bought it on 2 for £6 ,not sure of regular price

not as red as i would like, but i don't want to use a permanent colour at the mo , whihc would be brighter red, lasts about 3 weeks on my hair, which i wash daily

nice rich shiny colour, definitely shows up red when in the sun, otherwise a nice rich brown.. easy to use, no horrible smell and comes with a tube of really nice conditioner.


again, bought when £6 for 2... bit more red than brown, lasts 2 weeks or so, with a good shine and leaves hair feeling soft. Does not last as well as I would like

my hair is dark brown , only the odd grey

DrSpechemin Sun 09-May-10 15:39:40

Have recently used Nice n Easy - dark caramel brown - (120b) - nice colour although more reddy than I thought it would be. This lifted after about a week and I really like it now.

Have also used the perfect 10 medium brown which was great to use as so quick but the greys showed through quite quickly I thought. Before this I used the nice n easy dark golden brown which was really nice and lasted well.

Natural hair colour is dark brown, with about 15% grey around the front.

Lulumaam Sun 09-May-10 15:41:45

DANIEL FIELD used Rosewood IIRC< and it was way too dark, with no red to speak of, just a really dark dark brown that looked almost black.. very disappointed although customer services was excellent

lucykate Sun 09-May-10 16:08:42

here's some more i've used,

my normal hair colour - dark blonde with a bit of grey

NICE & EASY, shade 106b, natural dark champagne blonde - too light and also too much red

NICE & EASY, shade 114, natural light ash brown - too dark, looked awful

SCHWARTZKOPF COUNTRY COLOURS, shade 40 nevada dark blonde - bit dark, but took a long time to fade which was good in a way as i could leave it a long time between colours, colour was good, not too reddish. hair felt in good condition afterwards as it has no ammonia in it.

GARNIER BELLE COLOUR, shade 7.1 lightest ash brown - excellent colour, nice shade of ash to it and is more of an ash blonde than brown, fades quickly though.

GARNIER NUTRISSE, shade 7 very light brown, ok, little bit too red for me though, nice even colour, but also faded quickly.

Lulumaam Sun 09-May-10 16:18:33

I used to use a couple of NICKY**CLARKE semi permanent colours which were brilliant, but cannot get them anywhere.. one called blackurrant IIRC and another one, which were fabulous for good shiny colour

soyabean Sun 09-May-10 16:28:45

NICE & EASY, shade 114, natural light ash brown same as Lucykate above, but i like it, have used for a couple of years now. My natural colour is was darkish blonde, now it seems to be a very dull browny/grey with LOADS of light grey - really horrible.

lucykate Sun 09-May-10 16:59:07

L'OREAL EXCELLENCE CREME shade 7 natural dark blonde - more of a light brown than dark blonde

L'OREAL EXCELLENCE CREME shade 8.1 ash blonde - good colour, natural looking and pretty good for an ash blonde shade

i've used loads blush

vintage Sun 09-May-10 17:55:13

ive used them all at one time and came to the conclusion only the hairdresser can make it natural the more you dye the darker and darker it gets . It cost me a fortune but i really like my colour natural and grey free for about a fortnight anyway hmm

Avad Sun 09-May-10 17:58:13

Boots Own brand and Superdrug own brand permanents are very VIVID in my experience, which is ok if you like that kinda thing - think Schwarzkopf Live XXL - so good for the budget conscious

hazeyjane Sun 09-May-10 18:01:54

Hair is dark brown, with lots of grey (about 60%)

I use Nice and Easy 118 Medium Brown. It is the only one that doesn't give my hair (esp greys) a reddish tinge. It does come out pretty dark, so I usually wash my hair morning and night for the for the first few days, so that it fades a bit.

I get my hair cut every 6/7 weeks (it is very short) and dye it at the same time - the greys don't seem to come through in this time.

Lulumaam Sun 09-May-10 18:47:26

my hair seems to reject colour! even when the hairdresser does it, I had magenta lowlights last time, and within 2 weeks they had faded to almost nothing.

honeydragon Sun 09-May-10 18:47:52

grand canyon copper red,
like lucy kate said as it is a semi it leaves hair really nice and shiney.

BariatricObama Sun 09-May-10 18:51:24

nice 'n' easy covers the grey complete and i have quite a badger going on. the colour isn't completely natural (natural brown or something) with that purple tinge. but for £4.25 i am not complaining.

agree with cyb the 10 minutes ones are utterly shite.

expatinscotland Sun 09-May-10 18:54:13

garnier nutrisse cappucino.

i have very stubborn grey and have to dye once a month as i'm about 50% grey, too.

i used to get highlights, but i can't afford them now.

i used whatever is on offer because i have yet to find one that actually lasts.

trice Sun 09-May-10 19:00:38

I used the excel10 mid brown and it has left my hair really dry and straw like.

livvyliv Sun 09-May-10 19:12:58

I'm probably 90% grey.Started getting them at the age of 15 and I'm now 39.
I was dark brown(which I love)but have started to go lighter as it's soooo obvious when it comes through.
I have tried all the brands and agree the 10min ones are rubbish.
I think the nice and easy are probably the best but my grey starts to come through after 2 weeks!
The lighter colour and highlights do help blend it in but I hate been lighter/blonde
If you can find a good hairdresser that can come to your home is the best option-better than home colours and half the price of a salon.

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