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Shoes for the mad!

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Satine Sat 30-Jul-05 20:13:16

I think you'd have to be properly mad to pay £50 for these

Libb Sat 30-Jul-05 20:14:05

no wonder all the boxes confirm the stock levels!

Whizzz Sat 30-Jul-05 20:14:33

Please --- no one admit to buying these !!!!

WigWamBam Sat 30-Jul-05 20:14:38

Somebody's bound to come along in a minute and say they already have ...

TwinSetAndPearls Sat 30-Jul-05 20:15:16

They would be ok without the cuban heels. I have some fancy wellies.

Satine Sat 30-Jul-05 20:15:44

Then I've got a couple of lovely bridges in London that they might like to purchase....

spod Sat 30-Jul-05 20:34:22

Message deleted

Satine Sat 30-Jul-05 20:38:02

The V&A ones are gorgeous, Spod, but it's not the pattern I'm objecting to at all on the Boden ones!

spod Sat 30-Jul-05 20:41:11

Message deleted

TwinSetAndPearls Sat 30-Jul-05 23:46:44

spod I want those boots.. I need those boots!

spod Sun 31-Jul-05 20:22:28

Message deleted

PeachyClair Sun 31-Jul-05 20:56:38

Have to say, IF I had the cash....

but if I should ever get the funds there is a GORGEOUS shop I passed in Bristol called Peachy Shoes; I mean, made for me or what (please note my collection is down from 60 pairs to 3. Help)

lunachic Sun 31-Jul-05 20:57:32

yes but that boden for ya !

lunachic Sun 31-Jul-05 20:59:48

i have a white seethrough pair with a psychadelic style pattern on (ds chose) got them from a seconds shop (ythink they are a trendy make would love to know
love hunter wellies

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 31-Jul-05 21:08:39

I would love to walk the dog in Boden animal print

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