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Grabbed myself a bargain down BOND street!

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loulabelle222 Sat 30-Jul-05 18:25:07

just had to tell u about this! if your looking for anything special for your children soon Ralph Lauren is the place to go! i have a wedding in cyprus to go to and just went to the west end today to have a look! popped into the Raplh Lauren childrens store and go ds (15m) a linen shirt reduced from £40 to £8! i picked up another top that was reduced from £38 to £10 both beautiful! they had some lovely winter stuff too but i think dp can pay for that hehe

vickiyumyum Sat 30-Jul-05 19:56:25

ooh i love ralph lauren kids clothes. my ds2 looks so smart in polo shirts and shirts. i got soem bargains too, but they were from the house of fraser sale a pale blue polo shirt for £12 and a pair of denim shorts for £15 all 75% off.

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