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I'm going to invent 'sleeves' (patent pending!)

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Rockbird Mon 26-Apr-10 15:20:08

I have a range of lovely tops but I have upper arms of lard and these tops have even less than short sleeves. I need sleeves for them but don't want to wear anything underneath the tops are it's too warm.

So, I'm going to invent something like a long sleeved t shirt but it only has the sleeves held together by a bit that goes over your head that won't be seen under a top. They will come in various lengths, colours and maybe even thicknesses.

What do you think? Shall I book my appointment on Dragons' Den?

Downdog Mon 26-Apr-10 15:28:25

humm - slightly bonkers, but as a lady with chubby armtops I understand your motivation.

I made myself some 'sleeves' once for a fancy dress party - from a pair of large hole fishnet tights - wore under a singlet style top. It was fab - but I was dressed as a black cat for halloween, not the office.

Good luck! grin

Wanderingsheep Mon 26-Apr-10 15:43:00

OR just buy some long sleeved tops, cut the arms off and wear the sleeves!

dexter73 Mon 26-Apr-10 16:17:31

You can get running sleeves so why not for everyday wear?

SuSylvester Mon 26-Apr-10 16:21:06

id go on a diet?

Rockbird Mon 26-Apr-10 16:21:52

Mixed response then I think they'd be great.

Now, how do I set up as an inventor of all things useful? <ponders>

JustAnotherManicMummy Mon 26-Apr-10 16:22:16

lipo. Or a cardigan

Rockbird Mon 26-Apr-10 16:23:44

Lipo too expensive and, tbh, my arms are the least of my worries

Cardi is fine and have been wearing all winter but it's too hot now. I'm going to take a pair of scissors to a t shirt tonight and see what happens...

noddyholder Mon 26-Apr-10 16:29:13

fake tan is what you need

Rockbird Mon 26-Apr-10 16:31:18

Could be. I'm almost translucently pale..

KnottyLocks Mon 26-Apr-10 16:39:18

A longer version of these? grin

KnottyLocks Mon 26-Apr-10 16:41:05

Or these

KnottyLocks Mon 26-Apr-10 16:46:34

Someone got there before you

Have you considered lightweight shrugs?

(Sounds like a 'meh' type shoulder movement)

ShadeofViolet Mon 26-Apr-10 16:57:54

I know how you feel. My arms are fine sizewise but I have a scar on one arm which I hate to show. I either wear a short sleeve T-shirts under a vest if I really like it.

uglymugly Mon 26-Apr-10 17:27:30

What about the short-sleeved cropped tops that women wear with saris? According to wikipedia, that garment is called a choli. If there are shops near you that sell saris, it might be worth having a look at those to wear under sleeveless tops.

BooBooChicken Mon 26-Apr-10 19:10:50

knottylocks, grin nice ideas!

Rockbird Mon 26-Apr-10 19:16:43

Knotty, obviously that spork thread has addled your brain!

KnottyLocks Mon 26-Apr-10 19:19:32

Rockbird, that thread is still going!

My brain was addled longggggggggg before then grin

TheFutureMrsClooney Mon 26-Apr-10 19:47:59

I just buy those M & S lightweight cropped cardis - £12 each and just thick enough to cover my bingo wings.

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Mon 26-Apr-10 20:43:05

You need some of these

Rockbird Mon 26-Apr-10 20:49:39

Noooooooooooo, someone's done it already! So much for me making my fortune then hmm Halftees are pretty much it although mine would have been more 1/8 tees but the idea is the same.

Thanks a bundle JumpedUp

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Mon 26-Apr-10 21:03:58

Sorry smile
You'll have to invent something else

KnottyLocks Tue 27-Apr-10 18:16:12

Rockbird, come and pick your bridesmaid's dress

You can have one with sleeves grin

littleducks Tue 27-Apr-10 18:22:36

I have some of these but a bit longer tbh they are a bit irritating, i might consider buying the top fron ajumpeduppantry's link

MissWooWoo Tue 27-Apr-10 18:38:03

knotty I just saw someone wearing one of those in the park ... how odd! was it you?

it looked quite good but she had ultra thin arms anyhow so am guessing was a warmth/style thing rather than a batwing issue

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