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lobsters Thu 22-Apr-10 20:19:58

This might be the most middle class question ever asked on MN, but here goes.

Just done my Ocado shop, at the end there is a banner advert for 15% off boden through Ocado, but when I click through on the link and put things in my basket i don't seem to be getting any kind of discount and i can't find any relevant codes. Does anyone know how you get the Ocado discount to work?

Otherwise are there any good buy 3 and the the 4th for a £1 codes around?

BusyMummy78 Thu 22-Apr-10 20:50:39

The day after I had my groceries delivered I got this link in an e-mail:


15% off and free p&p

tulpe Thu 22-Apr-10 20:54:48

I just did my first shop with Ocado using the Boden code this week. I am proudly middle class (having being dragged up on a the roughest council estate you can imagine and putting myself through uni .......) and usually shop at Waitrose either online or in store

Try the following code when you check out of Ocado:


BusyMummy78 Fri 23-Apr-10 13:08:25

You'll need to enter LNBM at check out even if use the link in my post above (not sure why this is).

You also get free canvas bag if you spend £150 or more.

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