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Should I Buy These Boots?.......................................

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Fimbo Thu 28-Jul-05 21:18:08


You can be as honest as you like.

charleepeters Thu 28-Jul-05 21:18:42

not my style personally but its up to you if you like them and you can afford them buy them!

lockets Thu 28-Jul-05 21:19:15

Message withdrawn

MaloryTowers Thu 28-Jul-05 21:20:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

emmatmg Thu 28-Jul-05 21:20:17


I got a pair in the Xmas next sale and they are fab. Mine are dirty and beaten now but still look good.

WigWamBam Thu 28-Jul-05 21:20:19

I don't like them, but that's a great reduction if you do.

motherinferior Thu 28-Jul-05 21:20:22

So do I.

Libb Thu 28-Jul-05 21:20:31

Fimbo . . . you are out of order . . . I want them and they are reduced! I could make room to afford them.

Dagnamn you!

Libb Thu 28-Jul-05 21:22:11

I think I like the honey coloured ones, already have similar in black . . . oh Fimbo!!

saffy202 Thu 28-Jul-05 21:24:31

Yes - Got some very similar last year in the sales and loved them to bits. Were very comfy and kept my legs warm

Fimbo Thu 28-Jul-05 21:27:24

Well its a toss up between them and a cardi - think the boots win - like the honey colour as well. Now do I tell dh or not...........

Tortington Thu 28-Jul-05 21:56:48

yes buy them - with your dh's money and see if he notices

sorrel Thu 28-Jul-05 21:57:58

fabulous! I want those too. oh and a chicken dansak....

expatinscotland Thu 28-Jul-05 21:59:44

Oooo. Those look like my Frye boots. I got them back in 1989 for $120 and had to save for months for them. But they still look good as new. Saw them in 'SoleTrader' this winter. For £280!?!


Nbg Thu 28-Jul-05 21:59:51

OMG Yes yes yes!!!

Fimbo Thu 28-Jul-05 22:00:47

Stop it Sorrel, I have just been lurking on that thread again. Going on my hols on Saturday and there had better be an Indian takeaway thats all I can say

desperatehousewife Thu 28-Jul-05 22:02:26

they are lush. What a great price. Am tempted myself, but feel I should try them on. Why are they so cheap?

Blackduck Thu 28-Jul-05 22:04:48

not my thing - but at that price if they are your thing go for it!

Fimbo Thu 28-Jul-05 22:05:04

dhw-Last year's style probably. Never know Jones to make reductions like that before though. My problem is I go on hol on Sat, and if I wait until I come back they may be sold out - probably to MNr's at that price - LOL

KemalsStilletto Fri 29-Jul-05 17:45:35

if you like them and can afford them, go for it. it's always nice to treat yourself once in a while.

Blu Fri 29-Jul-05 17:48:35

Brilliant bargain!
Jones are v good quality...go for it.
What's the problem with getting them now before other MN-ers snap them up? get them delivered to a freinds house or work?

Eugenius Fri 29-Jul-05 17:48:46

I'll fence sit and say I'm not sure - I guess if it were me and I'm not sure I probably wouldn't buy them

katierocket Fri 29-Jul-05 18:02:17

like them fimbo

lunavix Fri 29-Jul-05 18:03:05

If you like them sure. I prefer a pointier toe personally.

FrenchGirl Fri 29-Jul-05 18:03:36

yes yes yes and get a pair for me please

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