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Can we have our annual point and laugh at Aintree?

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justallovertheplace Thu 08-Apr-10 19:02:12

courtesy of the DM, who else
and may I be the first to say,

My eyes, my eyes!!!

justallovertheplace Thu 08-Apr-10 19:03:16

And am I the only one wondering how she ever squeezed those yellow boots on?

SuSylvester Thu 08-Apr-10 19:10:57

ooh i lLOVE this

cakemix Thu 08-Apr-10 19:11:48

Some people don't own mirrors.

SuSylvester Thu 08-Apr-10 19:12:06

what is this trend for dying your hair two shades too dark?

SuSylvester Thu 08-Apr-10 19:12:41

OW OW OW at that cpstume

SuSylvester Thu 08-Apr-10 19:13:04

Dm spells sandals wrong

traceybath Thu 08-Apr-10 19:14:57

Its like the guests that were in the 'big fat gypsy wedding' documentary.

They do all look like they're having a good time though and I sort of admire how they're not constrained by ummm good taste.

Does put me off maxi dresses big time though.

justallovertheplace Thu 08-Apr-10 19:16:44

Gypsy wedding! That's exactly it. Are we assuming that the second lady is due imminently? Because that dress is doing nothing for her if not shock

geordieminx Thu 08-Apr-10 19:18:12

Reminds me of

"Whats it like to have no friends?"

"I have got friends" <points to friends>

"Clearly you havent... friends wouldnt let you go out looking like that"

geordieminx Thu 08-Apr-10 19:30:43

I like the orange and brown maxi dress.. the girl looks nice in it... feel a bit sorry for her mate though grin

nighbynight Thu 08-Apr-10 19:34:04

You are all being catty and mean, it is nice to see people making an effort. At least its better than looking at the saggy grey tracksuit bottoms that you see on an average Saturday afternoon in a shopping centre!

justallovertheplace Thu 08-Apr-10 19:38:24

making an effort? Are you looking at the same pictures I am ?

TheCrackFox Thu 08-Apr-10 19:39:40

Aw, leave them alone. If they like their clothes then that is OK with me.

OrmRenewed Thu 08-Apr-10 19:41:54

Well yes, I quite agree that if they like their clothes we shouldn't take the piss too much. But what happens if the grey tracky bottoms in a shopping centre are things of beauty to the wearer?

Either you point and laugh at people who look dreadful, or you don't. And that applies to those who don't give a shit as well as those who try too hard.

SoupDragon Thu 08-Apr-10 19:43:34

LOL @ Yellow Boot Woman. What was she thinking??!

Onionpeeler Thu 08-Apr-10 19:44:32

I'm sure they must be doing it for a dare? See who can get their pic in the papers?

SoupDragon Thu 08-Apr-10 19:44:51

"Matalan hosted the runway event which failed to add any element of style to the Grand National"


geordieminx Thu 08-Apr-10 19:44:58

Yellow boot woman got her inspiration here

justallovertheplace Thu 08-Apr-10 19:47:16

I love that the question, 'now, what will go with these vile yellow boots' was obviously met with an inspired moment of 'I know, a vile yellow pashmina'. Can't say I have anything that colour just lying around

SoupDragon Thu 08-Apr-10 19:51:38

The 80s were shite from a fashion POV first time round. Why oh why are they being relived??

meggymegmegs Thu 08-Apr-10 20:00:29

I was there today with work, running a promotion. We do it every year and it is seriously hilarious to watch the sights that turn up. I have never seen so much orange skin on display in one place, it's brilliant.

I actually saw the girl in the yellow dress with the black wrap being photographed, she was over the moon, reckoned she'd make the style pages, poor, deluded fool!!

The worst is when it's freezing cold and these girls are in strappy numbers with acres of chubby, goose-bumped, orange flesh but they refuse to cover up. I love it!

Bring on ladies day tomorrow grin

cocolepew Thu 08-Apr-10 20:02:57

Oh dear god.

nighbynight Thu 08-Apr-10 20:15:06

Some of those outfits are ok, and in any case its unkind to laugh.

cocolepew Thu 08-Apr-10 20:20:21

We're laughing with them.

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