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Fancy an invite to preview the new Stella McCartney For Gap collection in London or (get us) Paris?

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HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 18-Mar-10 13:29:54

Message withdrawn

BoysAreLikeDogs Thu 18-Mar-10 13:44:11

holy moly

BariatricObama Thu 18-Mar-10 13:45:56

she so isn't a big mn fan you gullible fool!

i shall be boycotting all products on account of their londoncentric ways!

I'm with BO and am boycotting too. Anyone would think London and Paris are the centres of the fashion world.

Besides I thought ethically Gap were no longer cool. Has Stella sold her principles short?

BariatricObama Thu 18-Mar-10 13:53:52

yes, last i heard scunthorpe was the fashion mecca of europe

Bonsoir Thu 18-Mar-10 13:58:51

Thanks for this! But your email address for the Paris events doesn't work!

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 18-Mar-10 14:22:25

Bonjour Bonsoir - try it again now.

Whaddyamean, BariatricObama? How is gay Paree londoncentric?

Bonsoir Thu 18-Mar-10 14:27:05

Merci Helen!

I think it is very exciting that you are having international events. Is this a MN first?

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 18-Mar-10 14:46:26

De rien.

S'good, innit? <reveals lack of street French>

deepdarkwood Thu 18-Mar-10 15:24:05

We went last October & it was fun (albeit not quite what I expected) but kids are still at school on 29th (& I"m not sure 'attending swanky breakfast' would count as an authorised absence...

Ewe Thu 18-Mar-10 16:21:22

Oooh, am in Paris on Monday and Wednesday.

MrsPixie Thu 18-Mar-10 17:49:44

Havedone it but go no confirm email.......

chippychippybangbang Thu 18-Mar-10 18:27:35

bollocks, am actually off to Paris for only second time ever, but not till Thursday. What are the chances??

sarah293 Thu 18-Mar-10 18:45:46

Message withdrawn

Energumene Thu 18-Mar-10 18:47:42

I'd have loved to go to the London one, but it's not practical when you've a school run to do. And I'm with Deepdarkwood on this one - no way will the school let my son out for a breakfast, no matter how posh, and the one thing the school and I both know about my son is that he is honest - quite literally - to a fault and will drop me in it if I try.

Oh well. Have fun, everyone. x

Earthstar Thu 18-Mar-10 19:19:01

Last time Stella did a Gap collection only about 15 items ever went on sale except to media cronies and ebay racketeers and that was only in London iirc


tartyhighheels Thu 18-Mar-10 19:21:29

still horridly upset at not being able to get the cute military jacket with braiding as they were all pre-ordered even though i was told i could not pre-order..... bloody ebay bastards

[flounces off slamming door!]

sarah293 Thu 18-Mar-10 19:23:30

Message withdrawn

Northernlurker Thu 18-Mar-10 19:32:28

I hope this collection is better than the last one. It was very dull!

I did buy two pairs of jeans and two tops for my girls but I bought them in the sale at about 20% of the inflated original price.

<<NL frets that this post isn't in the spirit of the thread>>

Woo stella! Wooo Gap!! Wooh really dull fabrics and colours and ....oh forget it!


BariatricObama Thu 18-Mar-10 19:36:50

yes i thought it was rather joyless. zara with pmt

Northernlurker Thu 18-Mar-10 19:45:00

£35 for a pair of baby skinny jeans!!! (I paid £5.99 - am very smug about that)


Adair Thu 18-Mar-10 21:34:21

Oh I would love to take dd (and ds can stay at home with Daddy) into Proper London on the saturday...
And I promise I will actually come this time blush

chaostrulyreigns Thu 18-Mar-10 23:28:19

Please please MNHQ can you rig the selection process and pickpickpick Riven.

Have only ever lurked and seen her posts but byjove she blardy deserves a treat on "my first day off in 6 years".

[persuading smiley]

NormaStanleyFletcher Fri 19-Mar-10 01:00:55

I was at the last one. V nice food. V nice drinks. No stella. Medeocre goody bags wink

May apply for the next one, only this time I will not look around wondering who is who, but will stand up and say "I am a mumsnetter" in sparticus style. Then claim that I am helen from mumsnet wink

EllieMental Fri 19-Mar-10 08:33:03

where is this lunnon-town place of which you all speak?

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