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how to I flatten my fringe?

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DionneUK Wed 20-Jul-05 12:46:18

Help! My fringe is totally stuck out and I look like an alien. How do I tease it back down again?!?!

Lucycat Wed 20-Jul-05 12:46:44

iron it?

nailpolish Wed 20-Jul-05 12:46:51

whats happened? have you cut it

CiaoLeo Wed 20-Jul-05 12:53:01

lol no I havent cut i but when i'm rushing around in the morning I sweat loads and it really bugs me so I tie it up in a little bobble and thus now it looks like a teletubbies headpiece or something!

hunkermunker Wed 20-Jul-05 12:53:40

How many posters have dodgy fringes today?!

CiaoLeo Wed 20-Jul-05 13:04:58

Really Hunkermunker? Must be something in the air! I've just run the straightners thru it so it went straight but covering my eyes, so I put the curling tong brush on it and it's a real big bang now but it'll do!

hunkermunker Wed 20-Jul-05 13:05:42

No, I meant that the original poster was DionneUK!

CiaoLeo Wed 20-Jul-05 13:07:58

yea sorry, I am dionneuk....just changed my name again! I always forget to declare my name changes! silly me!

hunkermunker Wed 20-Jul-05 13:08:43

Don't worry! Just was confused...doesn't take much to confuse me!

CiaoLeo Wed 20-Jul-05 13:10:28

no no no, its my fault, i shouldn't be so silly as not to declare my name change!

CiaoLeo Wed 20-Jul-05 13:11:06

anyway gonna go out with my big bang now...never know, i might set a new trend!

stacijc Wed 20-Jul-05 13:18:02

next time clip it back so its a bump...can't think of anything to use as an example but clip it back lol!

god how vague!

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