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Full bush, bald or trimmed???

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RoRoMummy Fri 26-Feb-10 14:44:17

As Spring is around the corner I have started to turn my attention to shedding the hairy 'Winter coat'. Generally my legs and armpits are shaved/waxed. But the question is this:

Pubes / Minge: Full bush, bald or trimmed???

Have realised that quite a few of my friends have it 'all off', whereas I have an occasional 'topiary' trim. What do fellow Mumsnet ladies do? What is the best method?

Just curious.

My husband couldn't give a monkeys.

sarah293 Fri 26-Feb-10 14:56:45

Message withdrawn

Dirtgirl Fri 26-Feb-10 15:11:27

I just make sure I don't have a pant moustache in case of spur of the moment swimming trips with DS. So lightly trimmed.

MinnieMummy Fri 26-Feb-10 15:11:33

'It' as in 'it' or 'this topic in general'?

Or both?

LaTristesse Fri 26-Feb-10 15:30:54

Currently I'm rocking the untamed look, more due to necessity (9 months PG and can't reach / see), but am planning a trip to the salon next week to tend to the matter.

I'm pretty certain I'm going to get it all taken off (hot wax - had it before and didn't hurt as much as I was expecting). The only downside is the odd ingrowing hair when it starts to grow back, but hopefully by then I won't have to rely on an elaborate mirror set-up to take care of things myself!

Actually I thought of another downside - you do tend (or maybe it's just me confused) to get a bit sweatier down there when there's nowt furry to absorb it! (Sorry to those with weak constitutions...)

Rubyrubyruby Fri 26-Feb-10 15:32:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hf128219 Fri 26-Feb-10 15:32:49

My question is why don't people tend to their bush all year?

vonnyh Fri 26-Feb-10 15:34:12


QueenThistle Fri 26-Feb-10 15:34:42

Hair trimmers are the bees knees for keeping it under control...

0.5 all over and no itchiness grin

sarah293 Fri 26-Feb-10 15:49:46

Message withdrawn

aSilverLining Fri 26-Feb-10 15:53:56

I am curious to see the general consensus here too as have always shaved it all off until recently, and now can't decide whether to go back to no hair down there or leave as is.

Have never waxed (wimp). Does it hurt really bad or is it tolerable?

LaTristesse Fri 26-Feb-10 16:08:04

aSL I guess it depends on your definition of pain... Personally I find those little Veet wax strips far more gruesome than salon Hot Wax, but then theplace I go to uses some lovely chocolately smelling stuff which makes the whole experience quite pleasurable anyway!

bumpybecky Fri 26-Feb-10 16:10:50

natural here

but I'm not that hairy and all is contained for swimming anyway

southeastastra Fri 26-Feb-10 16:12:11

i waxed mine the other week (well just the sides) it too ages! i had to keep re-doing it. was red raw by the time i'd done grin.

wish we could buy swimming costumes with long legs like the victorians.

DrNortherner Fri 26-Feb-10 16:13:05

I trim with scissors and shave for special But since shaving it seeems to grow back higher towards my belly button and lower down my thighes.......

crispycake Fri 26-Feb-10 18:09:32

I vary my downstairs look!

I usually have it all shaved or have a little strip.
If i do leave it to grow i allways tend to the leg area and give a good trim! grin

YoginiBikini Fri 26-Feb-10 18:11:47

Hair is the new black

redshoesnoknickers Fri 26-Feb-10 18:13:26

rofl at "pant moustache" ... veet'd landing strip here grin

tortoisefairy Fri 26-Feb-10 18:27:02

Am i the only one not to get why we do this?
I don't do anything ....never asked DH how he likes it
In younger experimenting days nothing at all down there made me feel ill and childlike...anyone else feel/felt like this?

LaDiDaDi Fri 26-Feb-10 18:29:39

I shave it all off, easier imo than trying to keep it trimmed.

nappyaddict Fri 26-Feb-10 18:35:37

Just depends. Sometimes trimmed, sometimes brazilian, sometimes hollywood.

Was thinking of getting one of those bikini trimmers. Is 0.5 the shortest setting? Is that centimetres?

redshoesnoknickers Fri 26-Feb-10 18:47:12

I bloody hope not nappy addict!!!

nickytwotimes Fri 26-Feb-10 18:52:14

Bikini line if swimming, otherwise not at all/.
I find it very uncomfortable and no matter what end up with a rash - very sexy. hmm

Hate, hate, hate all off - gross to look like a little girl and part of mainstreaming of porn culture.

nickytwotimes Fri 26-Feb-10 18:52:50

Oh, adn dh doesn't mind whatever - so long as he gets granted occassional access. wink

bunjies Fri 26-Feb-10 18:56:40

Dh usually gives me a trim with the clippers every few months. He does a better job than me blush. I'm not very hairy though but don't like the hairs poking out from my swimsuit.

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