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Best hand cream for really dry skin

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bandgeek Tue 23-Feb-10 13:48:34

I've been asked by my mum to post here to find out all your hand cream recommendations! She has incredibly dry skin on her hand, and a touch of exzema (won't take my advice to go to the docs, although she has tried my ds's doublebase cream and it's not done much good.

What would be the best handcream to get? And are there any other tips (other than cotton gloves) to help? TIA smile

fruitshootsandheaves Tue 23-Feb-10 13:50:14


always works for me. I am unbelievably bad at looking after my skin so my hands often get so sore and cracked that they bleed. One or two applications of Neutorgena before bed and they are all better.

bandgeek Tue 23-Feb-10 13:50:18

Doh, just noticed the other thread. I'll take a look there

clarebear1 Tue 23-Feb-10 14:05:42

I use Soap & Glory hand cream

apple99 Tue 23-Feb-10 14:07:27

Flexitol hand balm or Simple Dermatitis handcream both worked well for me. Also I like Champneys overnight hand treatment.

tillytips Tue 23-Feb-10 14:34:48

I was advised to buy some stuff called Gloves in a bottle. I haven't tried it yet, it arrived yesterday. It was recommended in You magazine last week.

Molesworth Tue 23-Feb-10 14:37:35


Valpollicella Tue 23-Feb-10 14:42:10

I second Aveeno grin

Saw your thread titla and though I should definately put some on. And have seen I've left it at home. Gah. Scaly lizard hands it is till later then...

MrsToffeeCrisp Tue 23-Feb-10 14:44:05

I secong neutrogena! It's def the best for me.

ChickensHaveSinisterMotives Tue 23-Feb-10 14:47:41

I have to recommend Morrisons value hand moisturiser. It's about fifty pence, smells lovely and sinks in a treat. Its a recent find, after years of spending much more for the pretty packaging

thehairybabysmum Tue 23-Feb-10 14:54:23

Aveeno is good, but the best thing ever is Lanisoh (the pure lanolin nipple cream). Heals up cracks and dry bits overnight (its a bit sticky for everyday use)

hatwoman Tue 23-Feb-10 14:56:39

that Norweigan stuff or E45

hatwoman Tue 23-Feb-10 14:58:12

blush "that norweigan stuff" is neutrogena isn't it? derrr.

shuz Tue 23-Feb-10 15:15:35

L'occitane Dry Skin hand cream, highly recommended!

Valpollicella Tue 23-Feb-10 15:17:58

Oh yes have heard that too. I do get a reaction from Lanolin though, especially if my hands are already chapped

Pancakeflipper Tue 23-Feb-10 15:28:36

I was a neutrogena fan but this Winter my hands have been really bad. I am currently using a heavy duty one from The Body Shop - Hemp. Not nice smelling like their others but it works.

EldritchCleaver Tue 23-Feb-10 15:39:42

Aderma or Avene: both do special products for dry skin, sensitive skin, keratosis etc. Very good for the whole body: DH has eczema and says Aderma is the best cream he's ever tried.

kindbutnotrich Tue 23-Feb-10 15:42:38

E45 cream is good

JackieNo Tue 23-Feb-10 15:50:04

Definitely the Body Shop Hemp one for me - I've tried loads, and this one has even almost completely stopped me getting split fingers.

bandgeek Tue 23-Feb-10 17:00:07

Thanks for all you replies. My mum's sitting over my shoulder looking at them and tinks she might go for Aveena. Take it you can just buy it from Boots?

I do remember putting Lansinoh on my lips when I was breastfeeding, worked wonders on the dry skin on them!

Molesworth Tue 23-Feb-10 18:17:52

Yes, Aveeno is available at Boots. It costs about £6.

It was the only thing that helped when I had psoriasis on my hands (I know your mum doesn't have psoriasis, but just thought I'd mention it anyway grin)

bunsandroses Tue 23-Feb-10 19:29:08

I have found Aveda, worryingly its called Hand Job, to be the absolute best. I am a florist and my hands are literally like sandpaper somedays. This and Clarins are worth spending a bit more for.
I will be trying Aveeno though, everybody seems to love it!

giraffesCantCeilidhDance Tue 23-Feb-10 19:30:53

I use aqueous cream - you can use it to wash as well. less than £3 for a big tub

Feierabend Wed 24-Feb-10 14:31:31

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source hand treatment. The one that comes in a metal tube, My hands used to crack and bleed every winter, now I use that cream every night and it's great. Smells divine, too.

bandgeek Wed 24-Feb-10 18:13:08

LOL at Hand Job grin

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