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TeaOneSugar Mon 22-Feb-10 21:10:21

I've just enquired about a colour analysis class and the consultant mailed me back to say she runs the sessions in her home, which isn't what I was expecting, I'm not sure what I was expecting really.

Is this usual?
Will it be a one to one session?

Can someone reassure me that this won't be an uncomfortable experience.

Kyrie Mon 22-Feb-10 21:47:17

As far as I know they all run from home and you don't usually have a one to one. It's run in groups of around 4.

I was a bit put off by this at first but they do it in groups because it's easier to see how colours 'work' on others rather than yourself.

So you each get a turn, it lasts about 6 hours, you have lunch etc and it's actually really interesting. I went alone and i'm shy but it was really fine and I got a lot out of it.

TeaOneSugar Mon 22-Feb-10 21:58:07

Ok, thanks, that's reassuring.

Can you advise on what to wear? Are the other ladies likely to be "dressed up".

RipMacWinkle Mon 22-Feb-10 22:01:41

Would have written exactly what Kyrie did.

I went very casual (jeans, top, boots) and the others there weren't dressed up either.


Kyrie Mon 22-Feb-10 22:07:55

As Rip says, no one is very dressed up. You can't wear make up and when it's your turn to get your colours done you have to wear a white head scarf and a white sort of hairdressers smock over your top to make your natural colouring stand out so not that glam....

I think from what i've heard house of colour are the best ones to get it done with, I always recommend it to people as I found it really good.

PandaG Mon 22-Feb-10 22:11:39

I notice you live in Derbyshire. I'm in Sheffield, and have had my colours done by an independent company who I would very strongly recommend.

Let me know if you are interested. smile

TeaOneSugar Mon 22-Feb-10 22:16:13

PandaG A recommendation would be great, I'm in north Derbyshire so Sheffield is really close.

brimfull Mon 22-Feb-10 22:19:12

I had it done years ago and there were about 6 women.
Every one ooed and aahed at the effects of different colours on peoples face ...ooh yes you're def a winter you look gorgeous in that colour...look at her eyes

until they did me, they draped a zillion colours under my pasty face , I looked shit with everyone.She was well and truly stumped...cue awkward silence.
I was diagnosed a brown summer hmm
I thought it was a okish , but others were much more impressed than me.

PandaG Mon 22-Feb-10 22:25:32

True Colours, website [ here]

I've had my style done too, and found that really useful too. Had the money as a birthday present, best use of time and money, I am much more confident in what I wear and how I look

PandaG Mon 22-Feb-10 22:26:52

darn messed up the link!


TeaOneSugar Mon 22-Feb-10 22:33:43

Thanks, for the link I'll take a look.

MagicFest Fri 05-Mar-10 22:50:27

I've had my colours done twice - both times in Consultants homes, I was suprirsed but discovered it was normal! However, since 1998 I only recommend House of Colour: 1994 was my first experience and 4 years later I went for a refresh (more to accompany a friend than anything else!) this time with House of Colour ....I couldn't believe it, the first company had done it wrong. How could I tell? because when it was right I could see the difference. House of Colour explained the process as well as my colours, they even taught me how to use my colour wallet which is more than the other company did...and even better, they went through each individual colour so I knew which were my best ones, including some make up colours; how good is that? both my children have been done- they look so much healthier it's amazing! Never mind making shopping easier and cheaper....I won't even start telling you the benefits for sorting out my husband and his wardrobe....!
My mum is a jewel winter and looks stunning in her 60's her friend is a Pastel spring and you'd never guess she was over 70 - passed as nearer 50 the other day! I hate pregnancy and felt ill most of the time but kept getting comments about how well I looked and how much it suited me did help to get compliments though, even if I didn't believe them! As for after they were born - thank god I know how to make myself look thinner by choosing the right clothes and make-up Just about to throw out the last of my maternity clothes and treat myself to some new things!

matty54 Sat 08-Mar-14 16:08:58

I'm wondering if, after all this time, anyone can tell me if House of Colour is still the best? Also, was it Alison who was doing it?

pinkflaming0 Sat 08-Mar-14 20:11:37

Went to HoC today and it was fab. Very much the same experience as MagicFest described.

matty54 Sat 08-Mar-14 21:26:50

Hi pinkflamingo. Which one did you go to?
Did you just have colours, or was it style / makeup as well?

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