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flattering clothes for the ample busted

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GettinTrimmer Mon 08-Feb-10 17:20:24

My bust measures 43in, I am hoping to reduce that as I lose weight, but at my slimmest I am still a DD cup. Can anybody recommend flattering clothes? I know to avoid polo necks from watching Trinny and Susannah ages ago! Does anyone have more tips?

DorotheaPlenticlew Mon 08-Feb-10 17:22:47

Step one: really good bras. I know T&S say this too but if you are like me, you may be thinking "I won't invest in that now as it won't fit when I lose the weight" ... (I thought this, but in fact when I lost a stone my boobs stayed exactly the same size).

BonjourIvressedeNoel Mon 08-Feb-10 17:32:56

definitely get measured by bravissimo. Quite amazing what a difference it makes

YoureGorgeous Mon 08-Feb-10 18:54:41

and someone will say cross over tops
imo they lift and seperated and make your honkers look like pistons

LastTrainToGeneva Mon 08-Feb-10 19:04:13

YoureGorgeous I agree that crossover tops don't do anything for the bigger bust. I hate the way it separates my breasts. It has the same effect IMO as a cross-body satchel strap [horrified emoticon]

yy to good bras. You have to change bras every six months anyway, so it won't be a waste to buy two now even if you plan to lose weight.

I like V-necks. I wear a lot of crew necks for work (lots of bending over in a male-dominated environment) but reduce the effect by putting a V-neck top over, or with a V-neck blazer.

Scoop necks good too. No tunics, unless they're fitted even slightly below the bust. Try to avoid loud patterns (the new Wallis SS10 collection being a case in point hmm).

On another thread someone (janeite I think) said never to tuck tops in, to avoid the illusion that your torso is all bust. She painted a vivid picture grin

Mmm....what else? Will keep thinking and adding

GettinTrimmer Mon 08-Feb-10 19:43:25

Thanks ladies for replies.

I only have 2 bras that fit me atm, they are getting dog eared, so I will go out and buy another couple - you're right Dorothea I was putting it off until I've lost the weight. I don't have a Bravissimo in my town, though.

YoureGorgeous I have a black cross over jumper I've never felt comfortable in it - one for the charity shop!

LastTrain Tucking tops in would remind me of Barbara Windsor in the Carry On films, would really accentuate it.

I'm not keen on showing cleavage - I like v-necks. Do you wear a vest top underneath?

DorotheaPlenticlew Mon 08-Feb-10 19:58:14

Yes, I always have to wear a vest top underneath V-neck tops or dresses, because my enormobreasts distort the vneck until it looks (if worn alone) like some sort of desperate bid for attention.

So, a few decent vest tops (preferably long-ish) are useful.

DorotheaPlenticlew Mon 08-Feb-10 19:59:46

BTW this is not meant as boasting about the boobs staying the same size etc -- lest anyone misunderstand -- I long for them to shrink! After I finish bfing this next DC I might be seriously thinking through surgery options ...

YoureGorgeous Mon 08-Feb-10 19:59:52

i think also the same colout from top to bottom is good
less" here is a big top half and a diffo lower half"

BonjourIvressedeNoel Mon 08-Feb-10 20:02:59

M & S do thin vest tops that are great for wearing under stuff becuase tehy don't add bulk

ScreaminEagle Mon 08-Feb-10 20:20:28

Message withdrawn

sparklyrainbow Mon 08-Feb-10 20:25:50

will second M&S vest tops and V neck stuff-
I find it has to be quite low V neck as well or I might as well not bother and just look huge (hence the vest top, especially as I teach hormonal teenage boys). I find H&M V neck cotton cardies brilliant as well.

I'm looking forward to more tips as mine are getting bigger- early preg and already gone up a cup size shock

KristinaM Mon 08-Feb-10 20:27:06

please take a trip to your nearest bravissimo. i would put good money on the fact that you are not a DD cup. your boobs will be better supported and you will look much slimmer

i am FF/G cup and wear scoop necks. never ever crew necks

nothing buttoned up to the neck

also various types of cardigans worn open ( to cut norkage in three)and scarves or long statement necklaces to distract the eye from the mummy tummy

i buy fitted jackets to fit my shoulders not by boobs and wear them open

agree never tuck in tops into waistband

i only wear jumpers that drape and is fitted, never ones that fall straight down from the bust, as they make me look HUGE

i dont wear tunics or unfitted dresses ( i know, i am the only mumsnetter not doing the tunics/leggings/boots thing this winter)

no ribbed fabrics on my boobs

fitted shirts must come in under bust

Cranreuch Mon 08-Feb-10 20:27:39

Good fitters usually in independent lingerie shops, I live in a remote part of Scotland, my two nearest small towns both have good lingerie shops, with people with years and years of experience.

Freya bras good... I have only ever gone down chest size and up cup size as I have lost weight. A good fitting bra will make you look slimmer, taller and generally better instantly.

AshleyFanjo Mon 08-Feb-10 20:36:12

I am a 36DD and I wear a black, skinny-ribbed polo neck. I have several high neck t-shirts and I always tuck my blouses into my waistband when I'm working.

It all looks great and I am often complimented by women by how I dress.

What is the reasoning behind larger breasted women not dressing this way?

Jojojoy Mon 08-Feb-10 20:39:03

Lived with this since 15, but bust up to G cup post-pregnancy and hasn't gone down with dieting. I blame the bambino refusing to breastfeed...
Buy clothes from Bravissimo, they do them cut specifically to enhance boobs the right way.
Anything from the Boden sale without a seam that's supposed to be underbust but actually cuts your boobs in half is good.
Monsoon used to be good but I heard they'd had complaints about being over generous at the bust and now nothing there fits!
I also can't do crossover without a thin vest top underneath for fear of looking indecent.
Lycra is your friend, as are beautiful wel-fitting bras.
I love wrap dresses, v neck jumpers, big-skirted prom dresses that blance you out, big necklaces, tops with built-in support... all fab.
Avoid horizontal and indeed vertical stripes as they stretch or wiggle, shirts with gapes between buttons at the bust, high neck tops as they make you look matronly (think Hattie Jacques in the Carry Ons) etc. etc. And big tops that aren't floaty just make you look fat rather than fabulous.
A please to manufacturers - don't do the under bust seams over a size 12, don't assume big bust equals fat elsewhere so don't tell us to go up a size to fit the bust, make tops longer please because those of us with big busts are fed up with them coming untucked because we need more fabric to handle the roundness!

parakeet Mon 08-Feb-10 20:40:14

Bravissimo is brilliant for tops and dresses for those of us with big boobs, as well as bras. You can buy online and if it doesn't fit, return it for free in the original packaging using the postage label provided. They refund you the cost of the returned clothes, but not the postage fee (about three quid). But I buy two or three things at once, and usually keep at least one item, so it's not too pricey.

For some reason, I often find Next has flattering tops too. Perhaps it's because they tend to have quite a lot that are fitted in style. So they go in under the boobs instead of hanging straight down in unflattering tent-like manner.

I know the OP disagrees, but I personally find wrap-style tops good too.

Vulgar Mon 08-Feb-10 20:40:58

What do you lot think of minimser bras?

i am a lazy shopper with no Bravissmo shop near me.

CillaSnowball Mon 08-Feb-10 20:41:10

I wear quite a lot of shirtdresses and long shirts over trousers. They are ALWAYS fitted/tailored and I button one button under boobs. Vest underneath etc, ideally in same colour as trousers.

parakeet Mon 08-Feb-10 20:45:27

Oh, and black just kind of disguises everything don't you find?

DontCallMeBaby Mon 08-Feb-10 21:13:47

AshleyFanjo, I think the reasoning is:

No high necklines because it maximises the distance between neckline and boobs - makes you look saggy.

Likewise too short tops or tops tucked in minimises the distance between boobs and bottom hem of garment - more saggy appearance.

A skinny rib poloneck, tucked in, is the ultimate in both of these, PLUS ribs which stretch and distort over your boobs, drawing more attention to them.

BUT ... you can get away with it, if you're tall, especially with a long torso, slim, reasonably pert and not THAT norktastic. I wore that sort of thing at 16, without the benefit of being tall, but reasonably long in the torso, young and pert, fairly slim and a 36DD. At 37, no longer any of the above, and 36G - no chance.

Vulgar - minimisers are rubbish, everything ends up under your armpits in a horrible unflattering shape. You can shop Bravissimo online, you just need the faintest inkling of a clue what size you are (be brutally honest about what you wear now). Order as much as you can possibly afford, and send back what doesn't fit. They process returns quickly so if you time it right you won't pay for what you return (ie order right at the start of a credit card period, if that's how you do your shopping online).

For online bra shopping it really helps to understand bra sizing, particularly the fact that cup sizes go up with band sizes, eg that the OP's 40DD is actually two cup sizes larger than Ashley's 36DD, and smaller than a 44DD. Really useful when you find that, say, a 36E fits great in the cup but is big in the band. You don't then get a 34E, you get a 34F.

Oh, and underbust seams ARE the work of the devil, except when they manage to actually sit under said bust (horrid word), in which case they are fab.

partystress Mon 08-Feb-10 21:16:55

Minimiser bras IME create similar effect to a wetsuit - one lump in the middle or a shelf. Not a good look. I am 34H and hate it, but have found a range called Fauve by Fantasie, sold by Figleaves and Bravissimo which separates, points in the right direction and seem to survive not-too-gentle laundering. My one experience of being measured at a Bravissimo shop btw was not good, but agree they are the place to go - follow their instructions on the website on how to measure yourself and order either size around what you think, both back and cup size - they're v good about returns.

Vulgar Mon 08-Feb-10 21:28:12

DontCallMeBaby and partystress THANK YOU so much for all your advice about Bravissimo and sizing. I'll be brave and give it a go!

I agree mono boob is not a good look!

Dondletella Mon 08-Feb-10 21:33:58

Hello - 32FF here, would agree with everyone about getting a decent bra. I was wearing the wrong size for TWENTY years until I went to Bravissimo & Rigby & Peller. Best thing I ever did - I knew they were big perhaps a DD but FF was a SHOCK. I haven't looked back all my clothes fit properly now - and when pregnant they didn't go up that much. Have lost all my babyweight and they are still FF as before....

My tip would be scoop, or v-neck, try to draw a line down your body with buttons or design as it draws the eye in and remember to enhance your other features - legs, eyes, hair to also draw attention eleswhere. So its not ALL about the boobs....

GettinTrimmer Mon 08-Feb-10 21:36:02

Just heard that dd has been invited to be bridesmaid at dn's wedding, so would like to make a big effort to look stylish!

Kristina - I think I am probably in denial, my bras atm are 38E, but I bought them when I weighed 1/2 stone less than I do now.

Are Bravissimo better than Marks & Spencer? I don't like clothes shopping, probably since I'm not a size 14 anymore! I am quite close to Southampton so I could make myself go.

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