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johnsons fake tan moisturiser thingy

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ScrewballMuppet Sat 09-Jul-05 15:23:23

I know there have been threads about this product before but I just can't find them for love or money.

I tried it for the first time yesterday thinking it was absolutely fool proof and discovered i had streaky feet and a blotchy leg what am I doing wrong??

NomDePlume Sat 09-Jul-05 15:24:34

BlossomHill recommends using a mit for applying it...

fishfinger Sat 09-Jul-05 15:24:39

you ahev th eone for darks skins and you shouldnt
you didnt rub in porperly?
too much on?
try nail varnish remover

snafu Sat 09-Jul-05 15:24:45

did you exfoliate like a madwoman first?

snafu Sat 09-Jul-05 15:25:09

hehe 3 repies in less than 1 minute

trefusis Sat 09-Jul-05 15:26:15

Message withdrawn

Lucycat Sat 09-Jul-05 15:26:28

The link tis here and exfoliate loads.....

ScrewballMuppet Sat 09-Jul-05 15:29:46

no didn't exfoliate I detest that routine. Have tried every conceivable fake tan around even own the equipment to spray fake tan on self but I always end up streaky.

The worst one I tried was piz buin I looked like a giraffe for about a week and a half. Will remembr the nail varnish remover thing, thanks.

I will exfoliate next time and not put as much on

NomDePlume Sat 09-Jul-05 15:30:20

PMSL @ 'looked like a giraffe'

snafu Sat 09-Jul-05 15:30:36

exfoliating is dull but does prevent the streaks

i can't find this stuff in the shops anywhere - boots and superdrug always sold out grrr

NomDePlume Sat 09-Jul-05 15:32:35

is it the holiday skin stuff ?

It was on offer in my local tesco recently

trefusis Sat 09-Jul-05 15:33:39

Message withdrawn

ScrewballMuppet Sat 09-Jul-05 15:34:12

yeh thats the one NDP, I was going to try the sunbeds this year but had everyone inmy ear about this tanning/moisturising lotion and how good it is.

ScrewballMuppet Sat 09-Jul-05 15:34:35

will try that trefusis

NomDePlume Sat 09-Jul-05 15:35:26

Tesco's do a good one too, SPA morrocan sugar scrub. Really nice and gritty with oils in too, leaves skin really glowy. Cheap too, at about £3.99 for a big tub

ScrewballMuppet Sat 09-Jul-05 15:37:44

That sounds great too. I got a small botle of nivea body scrub from boots a while ago and it cost a fortune daren't use it in case I use it up IYKWIM. LOL

NomDePlume Sat 09-Jul-05 15:42:38

I used to buy the Clarins one, Gammage Exfoliant, which was about £20+ for a med tube / Just checked the amount in the tesco scrub tub and it's 450g ! Bargain

NomDePlume Sat 09-Jul-05 15:42:52

Gommage Exfoliant

ScrewballMuppet Thu 14-Jul-05 23:21:30

getting the hang of this tan thing especially with exfoliating and that its brilliant. For the first time in years I have a tan still pale in comparison to sunbed users but its a tan rather than looking pasty I look more healthy and feel healthy as I haven't used a sunbed.

Blossomhill Thu 14-Jul-05 23:30:35

Honestly buy a tanning mitt. The reason you are getting streaky is that your fingers leave marks.

ScrewballMuppet Thu 14-Jul-05 23:31:25

the tanning mit is it an exfoliating thing? I have one somewhere when tryed st tropez last year

moondog Thu 14-Jul-05 23:32:23

Blossomhill is on a mitt mission ladies!
(Excellent tip though!)

Blossomhill Thu 14-Jul-05 23:33:28

no it is like a sponge thing that you rub the cream in with. I'll try and find picture. It really does work!

Blossomhill Thu 14-Jul-05 23:37:31

tanning mitt

Skribble Thu 14-Jul-05 23:37:42

A brilliant home made scrub if you run out is olive oil and sugar, depending on if it is granulated or caster gives more or less of a vigerous scrub.

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