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Liz Earle vs Neals Yard - which is better?

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RMooMoo Tue 02-Feb-10 18:52:49

Have been using the Liz Earle stuff for 5 yrs+ now and feel its not doing as much as it used to for my skin (have tried most things in the range), so was thinking of upgrading to Neals Yard stuff...

I'm 35, have normal-ish skin with V.few fine lines round the eyes. Should I go for the Frankincense range?

Just wondering if anyone has tried both ranges and which you prefered?


MrsBadger Tue 02-Feb-10 19:03:06

I preferred Liz Earle but am greasy and found NY all too rich

YouLukaAmazing Tue 02-Feb-10 19:10:08

Message withdrawn

RMooMoo Tue 02-Feb-10 20:17:39

Thanks. Might go into one of their shops and have a sniff and try of their stuff and then drop some massive hints for Valentines Day!

HappyHome Tue 02-Feb-10 20:25:58

Hi, Liz Earle gave me spots! however I've never had problems with NY. My skin is quite dry at this time of year and the Frankincense face cream is great. Hope this helps

RMooMoo Tue 02-Feb-10 20:34:41

Do NY do samples? I like to try stuff out before shelling out vast amounts!

jasperc163 Mon 05-Apr-10 21:01:41

Up as also interested in this thread! Just tried Liz Earle stuff and loved it but put off by their buyout by Avon and so looking for an alternative !

greenshoes Mon 05-Apr-10 21:06:57

NYR all completely organic and completely lovely IMO.

they contain aromatherapy oils which are there for their therapeutic qualities and not just for fragrance. Why not go in to a NYR shop and try some products, better still have a party (at home) if you like it all and then you get loads of freebies just for having a few friends round.

(yes I do the parties but only because their products are so ACE)

If NY don't know what an ingredient does then they won't put it in their products. eg parabens in Lush and Body Shop items and nobody knows what they do to us in the long term....

(steps off soap box)

nowwhatdoido Mon 05-Apr-10 21:07:46

Ren is a great alternative to both these, though maybe a bit more expensive. They do lovely trial kits though, so you can try stuff out before you splash out.

janeite Mon 05-Apr-10 21:11:55

Liz Earle gave me spots too. I am currently using the freebie NY Berry thing from Marie Claire and liking it a lot. The Frankincense one was too rich for me as a day cream.

cakeywakey Mon 05-Apr-10 21:20:21

<sniggers> There's only one way to find out .... FIGHT! grin

greenshoes Mon 05-Apr-10 21:43:14

ha ha!!! Love it...

MooMinCow Tue 06-Apr-10 11:27:18

Hi OP here.... I used the 20% off voucher in Marie Claire and bought the Calendula cleanser and frankincense cream last week.... The news that Liz Earle has sold out/partnered with Avon was the push I needed...

myfirstbump Tue 06-Apr-10 11:43:56

rofl cakey grin

I love NY. When you have parties I think you can get samples of stuff. Don't quote me though, I haven't had mine yet. Booked for next week though. Will let you know.

itsmeitsmeolord Tue 06-Apr-10 11:48:15

I use Neals yard and love it. I have the Frankincense healing cream and it is fab for my problem skin.

cornsilk Tue 06-Apr-10 11:49:52

Neals yard frankincense moisturiser is great and I like the rose eye cream as well.

jasperc163 Tue 06-Apr-10 19:50:29

MooMinCow - when was this voucher available? Is it now? I assume just the magazine not online?

thanks everyone, going to give the Frankincense moisturiser a go.

LaurieFairyCake Tue 06-Apr-10 19:56:23

I used the new Superskin moisturiser from Liz Earle when it came out and thought it was great - maybe your skin needs a bit more 'oiliness' put in.

The Liz earle normal moisturisers are now too light for my skin too.

MooMinCow Tue 06-Apr-10 19:57:14

Was in last month's Marie Claire I think.... old fashioned cut out variety!

scrimble Tue 06-Apr-10 19:58:22

I can't take Neal's Yard seriously since their PR disaster.

scrimble Tue 06-Apr-10 20:05:27

Dang. Comments have been removed from that link.

Oh well.


NYRparty Fri 21-Jan-11 17:20:01

I sell NYR products because I love them so much. I see this blog is from a while ago, NYR now do skincare essentials kits which is a great way of trying out the whole range. I dont know which area live in but there should be someone who can do a party for you so you can get to try everything before buy

DukesOfTripHazard Fri 21-Jan-11 17:32:59

I'm a liz earle girl. It controls my sensitive rosacea prone skin. Got the Frankincense for Chrimbo but it brought me out in my loathed redness after a week.

MooMinCow Fri 21-Jan-11 18:36:56

have gone back to LE. the frankincense cream was t oo rich and didnt sink into my skin. made my face  feel sweaty!

cabbageroses Fri 21-Jan-11 20:02:28

I'm a REN fan too. Much better quality IMO.

I don't rate Liz E at all- and hate the smell.

NY is okay for bath and body stuff but not convicned about the face products.

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