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So, what are the rules for shorts, socks and sandals?

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ponygirl Fri 08-Jul-05 13:41:54

Ds1 (6) loves shorts, but wants to wear socks and shoes. I think he should wear sandals with shorts.

So: sandals with shorts (without socks)? or shoes? with or without socks? Any other permutations considered acceptable? Don't say socks with sandals 'cos I'm not going there!

hunkermunker Fri 08-Jul-05 13:42:58

At six, let him wear what he wants. Just make sure that if he looks really ridiculous, you take photos for posterity and embarrassment purposes when he's older

ponygirl Fri 08-Jul-05 13:43:56

V funny, HM! But can I stand the reflected humiliation?! Should say, I live in a village so may get the finger pointed at me: bad-style mum!

Janh Fri 08-Jul-05 13:43:57

Agree with hunker and with you - let him wear what he wants as long as it isn't <shudder> socks and sandals

starlover Fri 08-Jul-05 13:44:04

i don't think it matters wearing shoes and socks with shorts! lots of little boys do.

Enid Fri 08-Jul-05 13:44:21

dd1 insists on socks and sandals.

I let her but have bought her some trainer liners that look slightly better than normal ankle socks.

starlover Fri 08-Jul-05 13:44:24

footballers wear socks and shoes with shorts!

ponygirl Fri 08-Jul-05 13:44:27

Doh! What I meant was, there aren't many people around and they all know us!

Janh Fri 08-Jul-05 13:44:51

You could get him some trainer socks? Do they make them that small?

Enid Fri 08-Jul-05 13:45:24

yes they do jan

m and s do them

hunkermunker Fri 08-Jul-05 13:46:03

Just shrug, roll your eyes in a resigned fashion and say "Kids, whatcha gonna do?" if you get "looks"

Fimbo Fri 08-Jul-05 13:46:10

H & M sell trainer socks

starlover Fri 08-Jul-05 13:47:09

i really don't think anyone will bat an eyelid at a 6yr old wearing shoes with shorts...

really... what's the problem with it?

okapi Fri 08-Jul-05 13:47:36

maybe I'm weird, but I think any combo of shoes socks and sandals are fine on small children - -after all it's about protecting their feet isn't it, not high fashion.

mind you I guess shoes and sandals together might be a bit strange - LOL

Janh Fri 08-Jul-05 13:47:46

Thank you, Enid - I like to know these things!

At least he's not insisting on wellies or a cycling helmet, pg

starlover Fri 08-Jul-05 13:49:01

exactly okapi!

Kelly1978 Fri 08-Jul-05 13:50:07

I don't think socks and sandles look that bad on small kids. dd wears white socks with the frilly bits round them, and ds wears plain dark socks with his sandles soemtimes. I thinkt hat looks better than shorts with shoes, I wouldn't do that.

starlover Fri 08-Jul-05 13:51:39

depends what the shoes are though.

i mean, the 5 boys i used to look after alway would wear trainers with shorts.... and looked fine! (see previous post about footballers)

and at school boys wear socks and smart shoes with shorts int he summer... and again look fine!

okapi Fri 08-Jul-05 13:53:18

same as our school starlover.

spidermama Fri 08-Jul-05 13:54:13

I agree that anyone under, say, 8 is allowed to wear socks with sandals. It's practical and for some reason it doesn't look as bad as when adults do it.

Listmaker Fri 08-Jul-05 14:16:23

I'm quite hot on what goes with what etc but I think my dds look really cute with ankle socks and sandals but they have to be plain white ones NOT patterened ones!! No dark tights and sandals DEFFO a bad look! Trainers and skirts only if the skirt is short and sporty (ish) etc.

ponygirl Fri 08-Jul-05 14:19:46

OK, OK, I'll chill on the shoes and shorts bit. But I'm not giving way on the socks and sandals bit!

spidermama Fri 08-Jul-05 14:25:14

A cautionary tale then Pony.

I thought socks with sandals a cardinal crime, then regretted it when playing in the woods. DS kept getting sticks and stones inside his sandals. Socks would have prevented this. It ruined his day.

ponygirl Fri 08-Jul-05 14:48:59

You are right on that one, spidermama. Both ds1 and dd complain about stones and things in their sandals. I'm afraid I just said "that's what happens with sandals". But I'm suffering too!

okapi Fri 08-Jul-05 14:53:22

IME socks make no difference - they still get twigs stones etc in the sandals - shorts, socks and shoes essential kit for trip to woods or playgrounds covered in bark chippings

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