I need your recommendations for best high-end hair colourist anywhere in or between Birmingham and Manchester please...

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WilfSell Wed 27-Jan-10 11:49:28

...because I look like a witch. And I have lost some weight so when I get a stone down, I need a reward.

When I say high end, I mean PROPER experienced (not 12 and just out of college) from an excellent salon, who know how to suggest the right colours for your skin tone and age, style etc, and CRUCIALLY who do not make your hair stripey but know how to layer and blend 2-3 colours to look natural but fabulous.

Yes, it might be horrifically expensive, but I don't care. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese let me know who you use (actual names please not just salons?)

I will love you forever. Thanks.

WilfSell Wed 27-Jan-10 15:36:29

bump smile

rasputin Wed 27-Jan-10 15:39:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WilfSell Wed 27-Jan-10 17:32:31

Oooh thankyou - that is a great tip. Exactly the kind of place. I bet her own ACTUAL fees ('on application') are sky rocket high. But do the very senior bods in such places follow her techniques and stuff?

Any more suggestions? Thanks very much.

WilfSell Wed 27-Jan-10 18:25:22

No Mancs or Cheshire Footie Wives having their hair cut and coloured well these days then? grin

Stylelostinlabour Wed 27-Jan-10 22:16:18

Will watch with interest as I'm need the same wonder if they would do a deal for 2 witches?

kittya Wed 27-Jan-10 22:24:11

Are you anywhere near Nottingham?

WilfSell Thu 28-Jan-10 09:32:23

I could do Nottingham, though was thinking more of M6 corridor. Manc. Birm, Chester, Cheshire, Staffordshire, even Shropshire... But recommend away...

AllwaysDoingSomething Thu 28-Jan-10 11:07:02

If you could travel to liverpool. I highly recomend a girl call Jess who works at Vidal Sasson in the Met Quarter. She certainly knows how to blend her foils to give amazing highlights. She highlighted my hair for ages and worked foils in such a way that any root regrowth look 'natural' and never obvious. I now have a full on red colour all over and Sharon takes care of that me.

kittya Thu 28-Jan-10 14:52:02

I think the above sounds great. If you could get to Nott or if any one out there can then I would recommend Toni and Guy, the best in the area and they are always packed.

Lilymaid Thu 28-Jan-10 14:58:12

Barard in Wilmslow used to be the place to go but I've no idea whether it is still any good and which staff are the best.

greygirl Thu 28-Jan-10 14:59:05

i know a great place in cheshire near macclesfield. It's not 'own shampoo' level, but they are good and when you say 'i want my hair cut like this' they say, well that wouldn't suit you too well, but we could try x or y instead...'
to be honest, when considering a new hairdresser, get a trim first so you can see what you think of them. colouring isn't rocket science, it's about the person doing it.
once i spent an afternoon in a pub opposite a hair salon i liked the look of to see what people came out with. rather entertaining actually.(i was watching through the window, not just getting drunk)

WilfSell Thu 28-Jan-10 21:30:27

Thanks for all your great suggestions! I really appreciate it. Do you want to divulge the name greygirl or not - I don't think it's advertising if I've asked you to!

I'm really interested in hearing about particular stylists. Oooh, and if you've got hair pictures, do show us (blank your face out if you want anonymity?)

Go on, you know you want to.

Lisa Shepherd - original salon in the armpit of the world Kidderminster. Her price is about £200 (or was, last I looked)but her colorists will do a damn good job for £60odd.

I can't afford the place these days (quiet sob)

WilfSell Thu 28-Jan-10 21:37:48

Thanks - you're the second person who's recommended her. Can you tell me a bit more about how it was for you when you did go there? Will they look at me with disgust if I'm not a size 8 and wearing proper fashion?

God, a new hairdresser is so bloody treacherous. You have to wear just the right clothes, and the right makeup and hope to god they don't do yet another fat, frumpy mum bob to get you out as quick as possible cos you're spoiling their window. Not that they ever sit you in the window if you're over 29.

I'm sounding bitter now aren't I? grin It's true though. I'm gonna start a thread about this.

<looks round furtively>> Lisa herself is far from size 8, prob 18 nearer the mark. But she has lucious hair.

It is a little bit uber trendy but not too intimidating. The staff are v young and gorgeous but friendly and don't make you feel too much like their Nan. And they can cut hair vvv well.

If you come up, let me know and we could meet for a cuppa while I admire your silky locks!

cornsilk Fri 29-Jan-10 05:36:31

Elliot Maclarence or Sands in Altrincham

Honeymum Fri 29-Jan-10 08:59:07

Aveda salon, Nottingham - lovely.

upahill Fri 29-Jan-10 09:09:23

I use David Rozman in Manchester. David cuts and Philip colours. They also do a discount card for £30 a year where you get 20% off on Tuesday and Wednesays and 10% of Thursdays and I think Friday.

greygirl Fri 29-Jan-10 16:47:31

claire (the owner) at Halo in congleton is good, she listens to you. the other owner is good too.
unlike a young male hairdresser who once ofered to give me a 'crazy haircut' hmm

Mimi1977 Fri 29-Jan-10 17:22:40

Fabi is quite literally FAB at www.baroquehair.co.uk/ In harrogate so not quite Manchester or Birmingham but you did say willing to travel!! Tom is also amazing and well worth the money.

WilfSell Sun 31-Jan-10 20:36:00

Thanks - loads of good ideas here, which I will investigate.

And perhaps report back. But still have to lose my stone before I can justify treating myself...

I could be gone for some time grin

Stylelostinlabour Sun 31-Jan-10 20:46:44

Good luck and let me know if you find anyone?

I'm sick of being given a haircut I dont want and made to look like every other mother on the playground - all I want is a really really fab classic cut with fab colour that doesn't go very blonde after 3rd lot of highlights, which then makes me dye it brown to hide the god dam roots...

Never even noticed about the window - I'm never anywhere near the windows sob sob, will insist on Thursday and watch the look of horror on the faces!

ktbeau Sun 31-Jan-10 20:50:27

I recommend Lisa Shepherd too. I went to the one in Sutton coldfield on Whitehouse common road. Best colour/highlights ever!!!! I am NOT a size 8 and NOT trendy etc but they were fine with me

WilfSell Sun 31-Jan-10 21:14:08

Hhhm, Lisa Shepherd is coming highly recommended...

I can see I'm going to have to make a trip to Birmingham soon, accidentally stopping off at Selfridge's on the way to have my hair done grin

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