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Who deos good online shoes? Can't think beyond Office and i don't want to look like a stripper thanks all the same.

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moondog Sat 23-Jan-10 23:13:27


HaveToWearHeels Sat 23-Jan-10 23:29:00

they have great shoes, I know what you mean about stripper shoes lol

PoppityPing Sat 23-Jan-10 23:30:31

panache shoes



viva la diva (aka shoe porn)



shoe envy

branch 309

bookmarks raided for you grin

NonVinaigretteRien Sat 23-Jan-10 23:30:37


what sort of thing you looking for?

PoppityPing Sat 23-Jan-10 23:33:14


moondog Sat 23-Jan-10 23:48:38

Hey thanks!

I'm looking for smart work stuff-not too quirky. I like Hobbs and LK Bennett and Phase 8 but shoes not grabbing me.

I want a square toed pair too but most too low on toes of ones I have seen.
While I have your attention I'm also looking for good quality ribbed vests and v neck cashmere sweaters that fit to body.Best I ever had were from Tesco-Boden lot bobbled in 2 minutes and went back, Unqlo too big and shapeless.

Why is it so hard to get nice basic stuff?

moondog Sat 23-Jan-10 23:56:10

Poppity, some pretty mad ones there!

First one either sells exclusively to women with bound feet or they are having problems with the camera.
Raw is very art teacher would you not say?

PoppityPing Sun 24-Jan-10 00:04:01

I know, aren't those pictures weird

Raw is without doubt art teacher. I assumed you were after comfygrin

moondog Sun 24-Jan-10 00:04:47

God not that bloody comfy!
I do have standards y'know!

PoppityPing Sun 24-Jan-10 00:09:50


PoppityPing Sun 24-Jan-10 00:14:30

Someone linked this site the other day.

Nice quality apparently

moondog Sun 24-Jan-10 00:17:30

OOh, that is nice! Great t shirts. And omg there is a divine cashmere cardigan/wrap thing.

ilovemydogandmrobama Sun 24-Jan-10 00:23:59

comfy and stylish

moondog Sun 24-Jan-10 00:35:24

What a soothing website Obama!
Nice but need considerably more formal than that.

ilovemydogandmrobama Sun 24-Jan-10 00:41:33

have a look here

moondog Sun 24-Jan-10 00:50:08

Gosh, thanks! Forgot about them even though I have a lovely paitr of boots from there.
Thank you. smile

NorkilyChallenged Sun 24-Jan-10 03:10:59

For a browse through lots of different makes, how about looking on Javari? They have good search facilities that let you limit by lots of different factors, including brand/size/colour/price, etc.

emsyj Sun 24-Jan-10 16:17:44

Jones Bootmaker are good for 'work' type shoes, but beware their boots have superskinny calves.

Highlander Sun 24-Jan-10 16:45:12

that Javari site is utter shoe porn grin

moondog Sun 24-Jan-10 22:57:43

Thanks again.
Check this out from Javari-I'd thoguht she taken half her swivel office chair with her. grin
[[ in=B002MZZ96G&qid=1264373038449&asinTitle=United%20Nude%20Eamz%20Pump%20Heel&asins=B002N5MAYO%2CB002 V1HMG6%2CB002N5MC7O%2CB002MRS07E%2CB002N5MDUK%2CB002LE7LVO%2CB001AE93IK%2CB002MRRY0S%2CB002L6G9XS%2C B002UHKYXY%2CB002N5MAW6%2CB0020MLTX8%2CB002MZZ96G%2CB002LE7KZ6%2CB002KKCVVY%2CB002KG0AJS%2CB002H9XPS G%2CB002OEBJYQ%2CB002E9GZYU%2CB002KKCW1S%2CB002V92U0Q%2CB0029DNWWO%2CB002N5MCVK%2CB002LZULIS%2CB002M ZZ7T0%2CB002MRS0HY%2CB002HWSSN0%2CB002MRRYXK%2CB002MRS0A6%2CB002XQ3970%2CB002EL4QJY%2CB002W5UJ9S%2CB 002LZULOC%2CB0029LGE9E%2CB0025KVRUA%2CB002L6G942%2CB001AE93GM%2CB001QCYDYA%2CB002H9XQLC%2CB002KHMJAU &sr=1-13&fromPage=search&contextTitle=Search%20Results&sort=shoesbrowserel2&node=217089031

moondog Sun 24-Jan-10 22:58:15

[[ ZZ96G&qid=1264373038449&asinTitle=United%20Nude%20Eamz%20Pump%20Heel&asins=B002N5MAYO%2CB002V1HMG6%2 CB002N5MC7O%2CB002MRS07E%2CB002N5MDUK%2CB002LE7LVO%2CB001AE93IK%2CB002MRRY0S%2CB002L6G9XS%2CB002UHKY XY%2CB002N5MAW6%2CB0020MLTX8%2CB002MZZ96G%2CB002LE7KZ6%2CB002KKCVVY%2CB002KG0AJS%2CB002H9XPSG%2CB002 OEBJYQ%2CB002E9GZYU%2CB002KKCW1S%2CB002V92U0Q%2CB0029DNWWO%2CB002N5MCVK%2CB002LZULIS%2CB002MZZ7T0%2C B002MRS0HY%2CB002HWSSN0%2CB002MRRYXK%2CB002MRS0A6%2CB002XQ3970%2CB002EL4QJY%2CB002W5UJ9S%2CB002LZULO C%2CB0029LGE9E%2CB0025KVRUA%2CB002L6G942%2CB001AE93GM%2CB001QCYDYA%2CB002H9XQLC%2CB002KHMJAU&sr=1-13 &fromPage=search&contextTitle=Search%20Results&sort=shoesbrowserel2&node=217089031 ]]

moondog Sun 24-Jan-10 22:58:33

Bugger.Just take my word for it

roary Mon 25-Jan-10 09:56:00

Javari are great - fab returns policy and very fast shipping. Their stock is expanding, too (started vv small)

charlotte711 Fri 08-Jul-11 19:32:51

These guys are amazing. There service is excellent and the have some really different stock so some of the boring shoe stores


I love

Fly London

irregular choice

Moda In Pelle

marilynwhirlwind Fri 08-Jul-11 22:37:24

I love this site.

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