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Gyms with creche in Bristol/Bath

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TwinsTastic Wed 20-Jan-10 11:43:48

Hi all. First time I've started or posted to a thread, so apologies for any lapses in 'thread' etiquette!

I have 8 month old twins and am really keen to start some exercise again. I live in the Chew Valley, so I'm really looking for a gym close by (Bristol or Bath) that offers a creche facility. If anyone has any recommendaitons for a great gym creche that my little ones will really enjoy (they're quite sociable and go to a few classes each week), then that would be much appreciated.


mrsflux Wed 20-Jan-10 11:48:13

Horfield leisure centre is nice and modern with good range of classes and has crèche. Not been much myself as lazy lump but know the instructors there use crèche fir own kids so can't be bad.

TwinsTastic Wed 20-Jan-10 12:05:53

Hadn't even thought of there! Will check out their web site... Do you have any idea of cost?

mrsflux Wed 20-Jan-10 12:25:58

Think it's quite cheap and classes were too

QueenofWhatever Wed 20-Jan-10 12:45:46

If you're in the Chew Valley, look at Chew Valley School in Chew Stoke, not sure they have a creche but a local childminder might be the answer.

Otherwise, if you're financially comfortable look at Cadbury House in Congresbury. Otherwise you're looking more at Abbots Leigh or Leigh Woods. Horfield is quite a trek from the Chew Valley.

Somasarkar Thu 19-May-16 17:20:57

Hi ladies
I live in Bristol and myself would like to join a gym with creche for my 2 year old kid.
The riverside centre near little stoke has a really tiny creche. Anyone have any ideas about the horfield leisure centre creche?

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