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Handbags again .... Mulberry again ...

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Millie1 Wed 13-Jan-10 16:10:34

New from Mulberry I'm lusting after it. It doesn't matter that I can't afford it and nor have I seen it in RL, I'm drooling!! What do you think? Will it be a stayer, a good investment and is it a spring/summer/winter bag? Humour me grin - and ignore the price tag!!!

ILoveGregoryHouse Wed 13-Jan-10 16:13:23

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous. Want one. Can't have one. Love the blueberry - that would work all year round. I def think a good investment. My Bayswater is 3 years old and everyone comments on it.

littledawley Wed 13-Jan-10 16:13:41

Love it! Mulberry's oak leather really does get better with age (I have a Bayswater <<<preen>>>), you could use it in summer or winter - buy it!!! (in fantasy land grin). I like it in purple...

ILoveGregoryHouse Wed 13-Jan-10 16:14:37

xpost littledawley grin

Millie1 Wed 13-Jan-10 16:15:06

Heavens ... didn't even notice the blueberry ... but it might date faster than the oak. You understand why I dream of it then??

diedandgonetodevon Wed 13-Jan-10 16:17:44

Go on, buy it! I have it in Blueberry and it's lovely although it will probably date more quickly than the Oak.

diedandgonetodevon Wed 13-Jan-10 16:18:21

x-post- great minds and all that...

alarkaspree Wed 13-Jan-10 16:18:42

I can't follow your link because it takes me to the US site homepage, could you kindly tell me the name of the bag so i can lust after it too?

littledawley Wed 13-Jan-10 16:21:57

The thing about the colored ones though is that you LOVE them for a while, put them away and then dig them out again a few years later,
I have a Mabel in black and one in red, I have definitely used the black one more but I get more of a thrill when I use the red IYSWIM.

Millie1 Wed 13-Jan-10 16:36:57

You've got it already diedandgonetodevon? Lucky you. Is it as nice as it looks? And is it huge or a good size?

Alarkaaspree, it's called the Drew Tote.

Know what you mean about the colours Littledawley but the perfect bag which I'm looking for now, is tan so as I can use it tomorrow and every day!! Just don't think I can stretch to this - DH went pale when he saw the price. Still, Christmas money, scrimp some more together, still have money from my 40th shock .... dreaming!

diedandgonetodevon Wed 13-Jan-10 16:44:52

It's a good size but not huge. I've never had a Mulberry bag that isn't as good as it looks. This one seems to attract lots of admiring glances and you do just want to stroke it sometimes [Mulberry junkie]

TheChristmasHour Wed 13-Jan-10 17:12:23

It is rather beautiful. There are some gorgeous bags this season.............

LetThemEatCake Wed 13-Jan-10 17:15:24

oh my word.

That's my bag. That's the one!!

(the one I've waited my whole life for, I mean)

I'm itching to get rid of my Bayswater. You reckon they'd do a part exchange?? grin

squeaver Wed 13-Jan-10 17:17:32

Was admiring that very bag on someone at school this afternoon. Leather is lovely, but I thought rather on the large size tbh.

Wouldn't kick it out of the wardrobe, obv.

joliejolie Wed 13-Jan-10 18:01:55

I am thinking about listing my Mulberry oak Mitzy hobo to buy this bag!!
It would be a worthy swap, right?

TheChristmasHour Wed 13-Jan-10 18:35:20

It would be a fab bag to own Jolie. Would defo turn heads. The Alexa is pretty showstopping too. I am lusting after the Drew mini. So cute and would use it a lot.

TinaSparkles Wed 13-Jan-10 18:38:53

Oh my word, I do love it. I have an Elgin tote, which I've managed to spill all sorts on. It's in Oak so it's not to bad, but if I had to upgrade I'd go for that.

carciofi Wed 13-Jan-10 18:49:12

Definitely a year round, wear with everything bag! I really like it. I want the Alexa, which is already sold out on the Mulberry website. Not that I have the money yet anyway.

abra1d Wed 13-Jan-10 18:53:04

I have to say I don't like Mulberry bags much: I find some of them rather school-bag like in ways.

The one you link to is nicer (IMHO) than most of them and I can see why you like it.

AngelinaJolly Wed 13-Jan-10 19:03:03

I have to say it doesn't rock my world. I prefer other Mulberry bags. I'm put off by the tree cut-out buckles: just a bit too obvious IMO.

TheChristmasHour Wed 13-Jan-10 19:25:17

Yes, the tree cut out is somewhat bling I agree. That said, I still love that Drew mini....grin

Millie1 Wed 13-Jan-10 20:27:03

Yeah .... I'm not entirely mad, it is absolutely beautiful and it leaves the other bags I've hesitated over (ie. Somerset - boy, does it look dowdy grin) in the shade ... now i just need to buy it!!

ChristmasHour ... where/what is the Drew mini - can't find it. Any link please?

LynetteScavo Wed 13-Jan-10 20:34:12

OMG it's perfect!

But the price isn't. sad

Will I get lynched if I said it was a little whispers boring?

Do love the blueberry colour however.

TheChristmasHour Wed 13-Jan-10 21:41:37

Drew mini in oak

Drew mini in blueberry

Tiny, but perfect for carrying phone/card/money.

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