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RolandButter Tue 12-Jan-10 15:28:39

ok so no shopping to be done
dieting /cutting back
no going out to happen

so tis operation skincare and other simple tricks to reduce the morgue make up look.
we want california, we want healthy, we want glow.

what are your tips?

Pinner35 Tue 12-Jan-10 15:31:33

Exercise, exercise, exercise. Will give you a healthy glow and you'll feel much better in general <just come back from swim emoticon>

RolandButter Tue 12-Jan-10 15:32:07

ill start wink

i like a small dense consitency ib a facial exfoliator so i like this one

fake tan ( if in your style) i was given this and love it

RolandButter Tue 12-Jan-10 15:32:53

oh yes excercise adn as a reward a the gym have a sauna or steam
smuggle in some olbasoil and drip on cabin floor.
sorts out your sinuses

Ronaldinhio Tue 12-Jan-10 15:35:02

do something to your feet, elbows and hands everyday

grim winter scaly dragons abound

dexter73 Tue 12-Jan-10 15:35:55

Floss your teeth grin!!!

RolandButter Tue 12-Jan-10 15:36:08

ALSO start growing and then painting your nails ridiculously summery shades. like this one its ludicrously pink

RolandButter Tue 12-Jan-10 15:36:43

oh yes get your feet done to start you off.

i normally cant stand my nails longer - but are now fabulously manicured

aquavit Tue 12-Jan-10 15:40:23

another vote for exercise

also facial oil, overnight - so brilliant

RolandButter Tue 12-Jan-10 15:41:09

ah now i am interested. I ocne had some clarins face oil stuff for dry skin i loved
look longingly at the darphin stuff too

RolandButter Tue 12-Jan-10 15:41:58

on Oprah Dr oz( grr) said we need ot ue nicain on our faces.
but its £££ in spacenk

Ronaldinhio Tue 12-Jan-10 15:54:18

sort out all of your clothes
instead of standing like a muppet wondering why you still have a wardrobe full of summer stuff EVERY MORNING

that was perhaps just a note to self

SerenityNowAKABleh Tue 12-Jan-10 15:56:40

Surely wearing summer stuff in January leads to frostbite, which is not a good look?

Kate Moss suggests sticking your head in a basin filled with ice and cucumber. I will try this one day after I actually go out and am hungover.

My recommendation is a lot of sleep.

dexter73 Tue 12-Jan-10 15:57:37

That waitrose bottom butter is good for dry skin. Have been putting it on before bed ans skin feels nice and soft in the morning.

fishie Tue 12-Jan-10 15:57:39

depilate. we are not bears.

i wear much more lipstick in winter.

dexter73 Tue 12-Jan-10 15:58:47

Oooh!! This thread is on discussions of the day!

Ronaldinhio Tue 12-Jan-10 15:59:43

I just never did the summer/winter wardrobe cross over this year so have to trawl through the bloody wardrobe and drawers every morning going no, no, no...
still haven't sorted it out

Ronaldinhio Tue 12-Jan-10 16:01:55

no more Denis Healy eyebrows

they will not keep your face warm

aquavit Tue 12-Jan-10 16:02:47

Roland, I use a much cheaper oil from the Sanctuary (got it in Boots), it smells yummy and works v nicely.

But I am eyeing up the Neal's Yard ones too...

LillianGish Tue 12-Jan-10 16:02:50

Sort out your wardrobe - I find an hour or so chucking out, putting outfits together and generally making sure everything is ready to wear is as therapeutic as a shopping trip (and much cheaper). Also paint your toe nails - just done mine and feel much more glamorous.

Ronaldinhio Tue 12-Jan-10 16:05:16

throw away skanky old make up
especially old mascara

PestoSkiMonster Tue 12-Jan-10 16:14:22

Snow exercises:-

* Walk to local shops and lug stuff back by hand/sledge

* Take dcs to local slopes for spot of sledging. Pulling them along or shoving for part of the way, burns extra calroies

* If poss, dig out your skis and attack the local slopes (this is a good one, as you have twice the exercise by repeatedly climbing back up, lugging said skis grin

All of this = healthy California glow + burns off all those Christmas goodies

hollyhobbie Tue 12-Jan-10 16:15:40

If you have dry skin, lather your face with vaseline overnight. It makes your skin look amazing - the next day that is, you look pretty hideous at night!

Cyb Tue 12-Jan-10 16:17:54

Stuff your boots with newspaper when you take them off.

You can use The Daily Mirror. or The Guardian, they're both just as effective.

poshtottie Tue 12-Jan-10 16:19:18

I have 3d lash extensions. I look awake at least.

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