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my feet are so fat

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AnnaInManchester Sat 02-Jul-05 16:37:18

My feet have gone so fat and wide that they wont fit in sandals or wedges anymore!!!

SoupDragon Sat 02-Jul-05 16:52:21

Don't worry - mine are long and skinny and don't fit in sandals either.

snafu Sat 02-Jul-05 16:57:29

Mine have eight toes on each foot.

AnnaInManchester Sat 02-Jul-05 21:44:03

eight toes? Really?

misdee Sat 02-Jul-05 21:44:46

what about some birkenstocks?

NickyJB Sat 02-Jul-05 22:33:40

Just purchased some Birkenstocks - they are so fab and comfy. Wish i'd found out about them when i was pregnant. Hoooray for Birkenstocks.

Janh Sat 02-Jul-05 22:43:17

Mine have gone fat too - like oedema - not sure why but they look horrible

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