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new look wedges

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fishfinger Sat 02-Jul-05 16:32:52

got he silver ones! £ 20 bargain

fishfinger Sat 02-Jul-05 16:33:07

ds2 saidt hey look like potato wedges

Enid Sat 02-Jul-05 16:35:16

i bought some bronzy ones, beaded

hate them they look utterly chavvish

happymerryberries Sat 02-Jul-05 16:37:37

Sorry but every time I see them a little voice in my head yells,

'No, no,no. Were the 70s all for nothing? We suffered these things, you don't have to!'

fishfinger Sat 02-Jul-05 16:38:41

thats me t0ld ten

fishfinger Sat 02-Jul-05 16:39:11

enid where from

happymerryberries Sat 02-Jul-05 16:39:49

Just comes of being an old enough fart to remember it all the last time

Well, that and all the blisters and twisted ankles!

Enid Sat 02-Jul-05 16:39:53

new look

I loved them in the shop

wore them once now they are hidden behind the curtains in my bedroom

fishfinger Sat 02-Jul-05 16:40:21

they are me going out shoes
I though nice wiht jeans

fishfinger Sat 02-Jul-05 16:40:31

no bead for me

AnnaInManchester Sat 02-Jul-05 16:40:46

sorry to change the subject, but who is that little boy you're always on about enid?

Enid Sat 02-Jul-05 16:41:27

i think its the beaded bit I dont like tbh

nice with jeans if you have slim legs which I do NOT atm

fishfinger Sat 02-Jul-05 16:42:17

ha mayeb ok then

fishfinger Sat 02-Jul-05 16:42:43

wheres smurfy
she wil l like them

fishfinger Sat 02-Jul-05 16:43:11

not on msn enid

Enid Sat 02-Jul-05 16:44:24

no really can't<enid loses will to live>...............

fishfinger Sat 02-Jul-05 16:45:21

Hmm am looking hard at wedges now

turquoise Sat 02-Jul-05 16:46:09

I look like the Queen Mum in mine

fishfinger Sat 02-Jul-05 16:46:50

oh no
soupy will be on slaggin off in a min too

SoupDragon Sat 02-Jul-05 16:51:13

I had a pair of wedges in primary school.

Never again.

<<I hate to disappoint>>

SoupDragon Sat 02-Jul-05 16:51:33

Will you be wearing them with your white jeans?

fishfinger Sat 02-Jul-05 17:33:20

hehe maybe soupy!

Smurfgirl Sat 02-Jul-05 18:29:38

I think wedges look nice on some people. Like my friend who is super tall, skinny and tanned (dammit), depends what you wear them with as well. They can be uber chavvy, but I think if you go really subtle boho with them they can be uber.

juicychops Sat 02-Jul-05 20:39:40

i bought some green strap wedges from New Look for £20 and wore them last friday... they are the most comfortable shoes i have ever worn out. my feet didn't hurt once and i never worried about falling flat on my face

fishfinger Sun 03-Jul-05 11:10:24

ok I wore them out last night withe jeans ad white topa nd a sparlky sahy belt thing
loked great
teenaged baby sitter wants some

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