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Please tell me maternity tights for the very tall do exist?

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Tobermory Thu 07-Jan-10 19:19:47

Went to work in tights today, amongst other things obviously! It was hellishly uncomfortable and I'm not doing it again.
So tge question is where can I buy maternity tights that are long enough for the tall?

MrsBadger Thu 07-Jan-10 19:24:48

don't exist

I'm only 5'8" and gave up and wore holdups

ABitBatty Thu 07-Jan-10 19:26:33

I just read the title as 'maternity rights for the very tall' grin

CMOTdibbler Thu 07-Jan-10 19:26:42

Try the Trasparenze ones - the size 4 is very long, and their non mat tights are certainly lovely

InThisSequinBraYesYouOlaJordan Thu 07-Jan-10 19:32:56

I am 5'8'' and I found that ordinary fishnets were brilliant - no gusset you see. If you steer clear of black and wear natural and chocolate coloured ones then they are less "tarty" - although I do like black ones as well.

Tobermory Thu 07-Jan-10 19:36:59

MrsBadger, please don't say that!

ABitBatty...happy to hear if a couple of extra inches in heights gets me something extra! smile

CMOT will look now. Ta.

ihavenewsockson Thu 07-Jan-10 19:55:58

Tesco maternity tights in large fitted me.
I'm 5ft11 and a size 14.

Ronaldinhio Thu 07-Jan-10 20:30:35

spanx mat tights stretch

plantwoman Thu 07-Jan-10 20:55:43

am 5'10" I just wore ordinary tights in the 'tall and fuller figure' size.
I bought some Mat tights from mothercare and they were the most uncomfortable thing I ever wore

butterscotch Thu 07-Jan-10 21:12:54

I found mothercare crappo to ;)

Mamas & Pappas however perfect (5'11') expensive £8 a pair of opach (sp) but i got some in the sale (purple) for £2.50 grin last pregnancy H&M were good this time they are crap quality

Tobermory Fri 08-Jan-10 09:38:06

Oooh mamas and papas, am surprised by that. Have a discount outlet down the road....theres my excuse to pop in!

ihavenewsockson, how much additonal space was in there? Im not 'quite' a size 14 blush

roary Fri 08-Jan-10 11:32:38

I have never worn maternity tights in 2 pregnancies and am 5'9. Size up if possible. I just wear mine under the bump, no point in trying to get them over.

I know everyone is a different shape and I have heard that regular tights backwards can assist if normal tights really are just too small around the hips and bum.

Tobermory Fri 08-Jan-10 12:41:06

roary am 6ft tall and places where i can buy tights at the best of times are pretty limited. Sizing up is sadly not an option!

roary Fri 08-Jan-10 13:01:13

Tobermory, I understand! By sizing up I meant a regular pair in fuller figure if the length is OK. Is this an issue of length, or circumfrence? (ie, are the tights no longer fitting around your bum and hips? Or regular tights now too short because bump is pulling them up?)

And your regular tights don't work under the bump or backwards? The very thought of trying to stretch tights material over my bump makes me cringe, but there is a huge difference in whether or not people find over the bump things comfortable or not.
Spanx maternity tights on claim to go up to 6 feet and a size 14.
My SIL is 6' too and had terrible trouble with this and opted for regular tights backwards in the end.

roary Fri 08-Jan-10 13:01:27

Or leggings (or is that even worse??)

CuppaTeaJanice Fri 08-Jan-10 13:06:29

I'm size 8 but I have always had to wear large tights to get the length. The bum and gusset section is always enormous though so I found it fitted quite comfortably over my bump. I wore 70 denier though as I'm incapable of pulling up thin tights without laddering them blush.

Could you wear leggings instead if you can't find tights?

Tobermory Fri 08-Jan-10 13:45:46

I dont mind the over the bump thing, realise it looks uber hideous but who cares!! The problem is that whilst I can hitch them over the bump, in a very short space of time they are under and feel Im about to have a wardrobe malfunction and find them round my ankles!

Will try regular tights backwards just in case!

I think Im going to have go down the leggings route...will go an look now!

AnInginAneAnA Fri 08-Jan-10 14:09:27

I am very short, so this was never a problem for me, but I think H&M cater for the very tall, esp their mat wear.

butterscotch Fri 08-Jan-10 18:24:38

Ohh the other thing on the ones that are slightly shorter if you wear another pair of knickers on top that helps them falling down grin

blondieminx Mon 11-Jan-10 10:20:22

the ones from next are rubbish so don't bother with them (although their maternity jeans in extra long are great!).

I found that Dorothy Perkins and Mothercare ones were the best for me (was surprised that mothercare also do tights in groovy colours!) - Im 5'7 and a half but with a 35" inside leg and a size 10.

hope you find some soon smile

gemstarmum Wed 24-Oct-12 22:30:36

after much deliberatling I ordered some jeans from tall maternity store for my friend Jo tonight who has 36 inch pins! The OWNER even rang me to check the sizing and tell me the order woule be sent out tomorrow morning, how canny is that! I wouldnt expect that from the huge retailers! Will post some feedback when they arrive (jo's feedback) x

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