Good 'ice/snow' boots

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DoingTheBestICan Thu 07-Jan-10 09:45:54

Can anyone recommend a pair of boots for walking in the ice/snow,they must be warm,waterproof & have really good grips.

I have timberlands but i still slip in these & i have uggs but again they are slippy.

Or should i just get a pair of wellies?

mmmwine Thu 07-Jan-10 09:52:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sinpan Thu 07-Jan-10 10:01:29

I got a pair in ALDI for £12.99, they are perfect although at that price I wouldn't expect them to last too long

DoingTheBestICan Thu 07-Jan-10 10:01:47

Hmm not keen on those boots in the DM, they are a bit bleurgh, arent they?

I am sick of slipping in this bloody icy weather.

TartanKnickers Thu 07-Jan-10 10:04:19

Slip and old pair of sock OVER your shoes/boots. It's what my mum always did to us when we were young. You look stupid, but it really does stop slipping

PCPlumIsMyHomeboy Thu 07-Jan-10 10:24:49

sock thing really works, and the DCs think it's hilarious!

MissWooWoo Thu 07-Jan-10 11:06:05

try something from Snow & Rock... ignoring the tent mule obviously <smirk>

FlightAttendant Thu 07-Jan-10 11:11:18

I'm finding my toggi riding boots are great, have nikwaxed them although already waterproof, and they don't seem to slip very much.

If you have a decent grippy pair of leather boots then you can buy some nikwax to waterproof them.

Openbook Thu 07-Jan-10 11:16:11

Wellies are the best - mine are ancient and yellow and I love them. Will be wearing them to the pub for lunch later today!

KathG Thu 07-Jan-10 11:26:12

Have a pair of ecco snow boots and they are great and warm

stinkypinky Thu 07-Jan-10 11:31:45

I have yak trax - little rubber things that slip over regular shoes. I am 6 months pregnant and would be reluctant to go out without them. Bought some for SIL (young and fashion conscious) and she would not even put them on, but after landing on her arse twice, she now thinks they are great!

DoingTheBestICan Thu 07-Jan-10 11:35:06

Thanks everyone for your suggestions,i think i will get myself a decent pair of wellies.

AnInginAneAnA Thu 07-Jan-10 11:53:03

these ?

I find wellies too cold, but I live in the NE of Scotland, so it is fairly cold for months here, so pricey boots that are actually waterproof and warm are worth it for me....

DoingTheBestICan Thu 07-Jan-10 11:57:49

I like those,thanks grin

LedodgyChristmasjumper Thu 07-Jan-10 11:59:18

Bear in mind if you are getting them online they may not be able to deliver until the snow clears up. I made this mistake ordering leather gloves that were supposed to get here on Wednesday they still aren't here due to the weather. Oh the irony!

AnInginAneAnA Thu 07-Jan-10 11:59:34

these are the ones I have been thinking about buying - I bought furry boots last year, after getting chilblains whilst out in icy weather for the school run/walk wearing wellies, they keep my feet warm, but are horrible to walk in, and eventually leak.

vjg13 Thu 07-Jan-10 12:38:42

I have these and the grip is great, really warm too and can fit 2 pairs of socks smile

blossoming Thu 07-Jan-10 13:43:42

I have these walking boots after I almost slipped in my Uggs before xmas with my newborn in the sling. These and my stadium squall as recommended by mn are my best buys of this winter.

flier Thu 07-Jan-10 14:24:01

I have neem looking for something just like those merrells for months now, thanks for the links

WilfSell Thu 07-Jan-10 14:29:30

We have just received a whole household's worth of these over the internet They are BLOODY BRILLIANT. I am quite smug skipping around with them on my wellies while everyone else goes arse over tit.

But I would like some Sorel boots too now...

mmmwine Thu 07-Jan-10 16:28:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

muddlinleigh Thu 07-Jan-10 23:04:10

I've got Lands End walking boots too which have been fab, been using them together with hiking poles to stay upright. I don't care how daft they look as long as I don't land on my arse.

GothDetective Thu 07-Jan-10 23:08:24

I have the Merrell Puffin Frost boot and they are very comfy and warm. Waterproof and betetr grip than other footware I have but I've still been skidding a bt on the ice.

But then I think you will slip a bitin anything short of crampons or icegrips.

duckyfuzz Thu 07-Jan-10 23:08:38

I find walking boots best in the snow, much warmer than wellies

stepaway Thu 07-Jan-10 23:27:24

You need some Sorel boots.

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