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Does anyone's dh remove their pubic hair as well?

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QueenEagle Fri 01-Jul-05 15:53:56

Going on from the thread where it seems pretty common practice for us laydees to remove some or all of their pubic hair....does your dh or dp do the same to themselves?

Mine does as he has very dark hair on his head and chest but very fine blond pubic hair so he shaves it off almost as regularly as he shaves his face.

misdee Fri 01-Jul-05 15:59:18

mine does, everytime he gets called into surgery. says its a nightmare when it grows back.

misdee Fri 01-Jul-05 15:59:40

he also has to remove the hair from his chest, armspits and belly.

nutcracker Fri 01-Jul-05 16:00:00

Mine does too

GhostofNatt Fri 01-Jul-05 16:01:31

Why, though? Is it an aethetic thing ro a hygeine thing? Not heard of this before

GhostofNatt Fri 01-Jul-05 16:01:48

hygiene even

misdee Fri 01-Jul-05 16:02:17

hygiene for b4 surgery.

GhostofNatt Fri 01-Jul-05 16:03:41

Ah, I thought that, but what about the other hs and ps who are not having surgery?

QueenEagle Fri 01-Jul-05 16:04:42

My dh prefers it smooth and in any case when he has full growth, as it were, it's hardly noticable as it's so fair. He shaves his nuts too, which I like.

fairyfly Fri 01-Jul-05 16:06:14

I'm hardly ever speechless

noddyholder Fri 01-Jul-05 16:07:39

I don't think I'd like that

juicychops Fri 01-Jul-05 16:08:09

yep, my dp goes through fazes every few months of shaving the lot off

GhostofNatt Fri 01-Jul-05 16:09:28

Zoinks, someone shoudl write about this, whpo ever knew

angelp Fri 01-Jul-05 16:16:30

I thought it was just my DH!! He uses a beard trimmer and does it on the lowest notch so its not totally off but very very short. He feels much cleaner he says and I prefer it too.

cupcakes Fri 01-Jul-05 16:18:18

Slink Fri 01-Jul-05 16:23:14

Can i join in too my dh shaves all body, pits bits back, legs. he hates all the hair i love it on the other hand but glad he does his bits have to say...........

AuntyQuated Fri 01-Jul-05 16:26:36


@ fairyfly!!!

QueenEagle Fri 01-Jul-05 16:53:54

Can't see why some people are so at men shaving their pubic region. Women do it all the time....what on earth is the difference?

giraffeski Fri 01-Jul-05 16:58:50

Message withdrawn

paolosgirl Fri 01-Jul-05 16:59:51

I had a boyfriend once who did this. Can I say that it was THE most ridiculous thing I had ever seen, and also slightly disturbing

fairyfly Fri 01-Jul-05 17:09:38

do they buff their bollocks too? oh im just not into preening men. If i walked into the bathroom and my boyfriend was pampering his sack i would piss myself laughing, and then dump him.

suzi2 Fri 01-Jul-05 17:11:48

My DH doesn't. However, I know blokes who do. Most just have a good 'beard trimmer' trim I think rather than all off. I believe they do it to make their manhood look longer...!

giraffeski Fri 01-Jul-05 17:17:24

Message withdrawn

QueenEagle Fri 01-Jul-05 17:43:04

LOL - don't say I said so....but my dh needs all the help he can get

kama Fri 01-Jul-05 17:47:54

Message withdrawn

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