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Where do I buy castor oil from (for the Oil Cleansing Method)?

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saltyseadog Thu 31-Dec-09 18:17:24

Boots, Superdrug, Wilkos, Holland & Barrett - none of them stock castor oil! (Is this because some pregnant loons try it as an induction method?). I've seen it on the web, but would rather buy it on the high street to save on P&P costs - any ideas please?

TeamEdwardsSparklyBaubles Thu 31-Dec-09 18:18:48

I get mine from the local semi-independent chemist (It's a Day-Lewis pharmacy, if that helps)

saltyseadog Thu 31-Dec-09 18:21:30

I haven't tried our small independent chemist - will give them a go on Sat.

ilovemydogandmrobama Thu 31-Dec-09 18:21:47

There's an Indian shop nearby that stocks all sorts of oils. Think it was in the hair section.

MegSophandEmma Thu 31-Dec-09 18:24:37

I bought mine from my local chemist. It was just sat on a shelf around the shop floor.

catinthehat2 Thu 31-Dec-09 18:30:13

Phone up indy chemist to order it, they can always get it from wholesaler.

notanidea Fri 01-Jan-10 11:20:22

Got mine from boots so I suppose you can ask them to order it for you.

Pineapplechunks Fri 01-Jan-10 11:24:14

I got mine from the chemist in a big Tesco.

I asked in the one in Sainsburys and the woman behind counter looked at me with a mixture of wry amusement and shocked horror and told me they didn't stock it as though it were something really weird.

Funny woman.

saltyseadog Fri 01-Jan-10 11:48:53

I got the same reaction PC in Boots. I am 30 weeks pregnant (and so humongous could probably pass for 35wks) and the pharmacy assistant said that they weren't allowed to sell it - I did wonder whether it was to try and stop me running home and downing the bottle to bring on labour hmm.

Wolfcub Fri 01-Jan-10 12:25:13

I got mine from tesco chemist

suggy Fri 01-Jan-10 19:46:34

maybe they don't stock it because you can use it to develop ricin ?

cocolepew Fri 01-Jan-10 19:48:33

I got mine from Boots, they don't display it but had it in a drawer hmm.

saltyseadog Fri 01-Jan-10 19:50:14

LOL at secret drawer coco.

Hell, I didn't realise that it was an ingredient for ricin.

ruddynorah Fri 01-Jan-10 19:50:44

got mine from boots too, had to ask for it though.

saltyseadog Fri 01-Jan-10 19:53:23

Do you need to do a secret handshake for it in Boots then? I'm now feeling miffed that they wouldn't sell me any.

GothDetective Fri 01-Jan-10 20:05:19

Maybe they won't sell it to pregnant women. Which is very paternalistic and stupid of them. I wonder if its their company policy?

ruddynorah Fri 01-Jan-10 20:12:31

pharmacist had it behind the counter. she asked what i wanted it for, i said to wash my face, and she handed it over.

dwpanxt Fri 01-Jan-10 20:14:10

I got the same reaction in Boots as Salty. I wasn't pregnant but was going through Chemotherapy and it was recommended by and Indian friend as hair/scalp tonic.
I was almost ordered out of the shop and was quite shock at the Over reaction.
I wrote and complained to HO but didnt get a reply hmm. After all its not a banned substance and its uses are manyfold besides labour inducement/purgative.
I never did manage to buy any as I didnt have the energy to shop around.

cocolepew Fri 01-Jan-10 20:16:07

Maybe I looked very constipated and that's why they solfd it too me.
I can have a pained look on my face a lot of the time.

saltyseadog Fri 01-Jan-10 20:27:49

Sorry they didn't serve you dwpanxt when you really had a need for some.

LOL coco - I don't know about me having a pained expression, but the woman serving me in Boots certainly did. She had a fine cat's bottom mouth on her when she said she wasn't allowed to sell it.

GothDetective Fri 01-Jan-10 20:29:33

Not allowed to sell it?

Have the government really passed a law banning the sale of it? Better tell the village chemist then as they still sell it.

TeamEdwardsSparklyBaubles Fri 01-Jan-10 20:33:30

When I asked in Boots they told me that they didn't sell it as it has cancer-causing properties hmm and is not healthy for you. To my great amusement, the cats-bum mouthed shop monkey was stacking a shelf with Snickers and Mars bars at the time. grin

GothDetective Fri 01-Jan-10 20:38:39

Castor oil packs are thought to be a good alternative treatment for cancerous tumours. Think cat's bum mouth assistant was talking out her (cat) bum.

saltyseadog Sat 02-Jan-10 20:24:15

Finally got served (small indy chemist) hurrah!

giddykipper Sat 02-Jan-10 20:27:30

I have tried every chemist in town today and they have all sold out. Apparently none of them can get it at the moment, which seems a little odd hmm

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