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Can we share our favourite online clothes shops?

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PoppityMerryGentlemen Wed 30-Dec-09 21:20:17

I mean, apart from the obvious Boden and Toast- which I do love- does anyone know any others? Especially if they are a bit quirky!

I have one Tulip and Nettle

MmeLindt Wed 30-Dec-09 21:23:58

Oh, I like that one, Poppity.

My favourite is KSBK especially the stripy tshirts.

PoppityMerryGentlemen Wed 30-Dec-09 21:30:59

I used to have loads of children's ones in my favourites Nordic Kids was one- then my laptop broke.....

Never found that many interesting grown up ones though. I love Plumo, but it's always so overpriced.

Tulip and Nettle is especially good as it's all original. There must be more!

MmeLindt Wed 30-Dec-09 22:26:17


PoppityMerryGentlemen Wed 30-Dec-09 22:34:21

I'm back to check too....

mrsvwoolf Wed 30-Dec-09 23:36:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jajas Wed 30-Dec-09 23:44:35

Phew thank god only children's clothes, I so don't need links to any more grown up's clothes shops grin!

mrsvwoolf Wed 30-Dec-09 23:45:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jajas Wed 30-Dec-09 23:46:08

Oh no! Just had a proper look at links and some grown up ones too!

LetThemEatCake Thu 31-Dec-09 00:14:07

LOL Jajas, you make me laugh grin

in a good, fond way.

PoppityMerryGentlemen Thu 31-Dec-09 00:21:51


Sorry to shout, I want things!

Jajas Thu 31-Dec-09 00:56:26

Hee hee, I have a 'problem' though, is there such a thing as ClothesAholicsAnonymous ...

aahh there was a little frock/top that I rather liked here.

didn't buy it though...

erm, my mind has gone blank

My places are very ordinary I think?

like this website

My best jeans I dig out at TKMaxx or maybe even ebay.

and of course my favourites! love 'em.

All fairly mainstream stuff.

Oh Rocket Dog and Kenneth Cole for boots.

MmeLindt Thu 31-Dec-09 08:31:49

Thanks for the Inis link, just ordered a pair of sandals. I bought a cheap pair of wedge sandals in Tesco this year but they are a bit grotty looking, Inis have these ones, that I looked at in summer but did not buy. Fab bargain.

Have bookmarked the website for when I finally lose some weight.

PoppityMerryGentlemen Thu 31-Dec-09 21:21:23

Gosh! That was a bargain!

Ok, have thought of two more Anusha

and Gudrun Sjoden

I need more quirky(and yet still sexygrin) clothes

traceybath Thu 31-Dec-09 21:25:54

Besides the obvious (TopShop, netaporter, my-wardrobe) I'm really liking MeandEm for casual stuff.

Am currently waiting for their sale and also broras.

cocolepew Thu 31-Dec-09 21:41:00

I love the KSBK (I'm obsessed with stripey tops) and the Inis ones [gets credit cards]

Divatheshopaholic Thu 31-Dec-09 21:45:53

just marked this thread.
keep the list coming

GeorginaWorsley Fri 01-Jan-10 12:07:59

Like that MeandEm,Tracey.Didn't they used to be called something else?
Hush has been recommended on other threads and looks yummy too.
Pity I have resilved not to shop in 2010grin

Jajas Fri 01-Jan-10 14:41:35

Oh I love MeandEm, their stuff is just gorgeous ~ wish I had the long legs to look like some of the models though ho ho!

The Gudrun Sjoden site is the one with fantastic images of Bhutan in isn't it? I haven't looked for a month or two but I would love the picture of the monastry with the lilac trees as my screensaver.

kdk Fri 01-Jan-10 14:57:28

That MeandEm stuff is gorgeous - I'm in lust and sadly skint - maybe could raid the kids' Christmas money, after all it's in good cause, isn't it?

trice Fri 01-Jan-10 15:22:01

I love the dresses on they are really well made and stunning on if you have the figure.

Jajas Fri 01-Jan-10 16:08:59

Me too kdk, that stuff is so me but sadly don't have the cash to match! Might have to ebay a few things in the new year..

trice Fri 01-Jan-10 16:12:00

lovely lovely shoes

kdk Fri 01-Jan-10 16:18:11

@trice - I love the Vivienofholloway dresses too but not sure I can do halterneck dresses - I'm a 34E and find most strapless bras just don't work for me sad

traceybath Fri 01-Jan-10 16:21:23

Am hoping meandem sale will start soon - am on their mailing list.

They used to be the pyjama room.

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