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Right, no more parabens for us, so how do I keep looking halfway decent?

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Pennies Sun 20-Dec-09 19:57:05

I want to get rid of all the paraben filled cosmetics and beauty products that I own. I've been through my make up and other stuff and its all full of them.

I want to chuck the lot and start again.

I am looking for the very best of the following:

Body moisturiser
Face day cream (with SPF15)
Face night cream
Conditioner (dry hair)
Suncream for the children so a high a factor as possible
Make up - foundation, concealer, cream / brown / purple eye colours, nude / amber lips, black mascara

Ideally I don't want to have to use powder cosmetics coz I know I'll drop them and it will all just get messy! Pressed where possible on the make up front I think.

TheGoatofChristmasPast Sun 20-Dec-09 20:01:18

sarah beenie looked really rough when she went all paraben crazy. my advice - don't

shopalot Sun 20-Dec-09 20:02:09

Naked stuff from Boots is really good and not too £££ It is often on three for two as well. I use Liz earle face stuff and sun cream. I use mineral make up so can't help there as it is powder.

I am yet to find a good shampoo and conditioner so will be watching with interest!

aarghhelp Sun 20-Dec-09 20:03:28

What are parabens? Is this some new fancy thing or have they been knocking around for ages?

thelunar66 Sun 20-Dec-09 20:03:34

What the hell's a paraben?

MarjoryMoores Sun 20-Dec-09 20:03:59

green people do nice shampoo and conditioner - lots of health food shops stock it.

shopalot Sun 20-Dec-09 20:04:07

Some links for you naked stuff in boots Liz Earle is her

shopalot Sun 20-Dec-09 20:04:47

here hmm

TheGoatofChristmasPast Sun 20-Dec-09 20:05:01

parabens have been linked to cancer. they are used in most shampoo/shower gel type things and alot of cosmetics.

shopalot Sun 20-Dec-09 20:06:11

We have Green People stuff in our Lloyds chemist. Will have a look. The paraban shampoos I have used seem to be ok at first but then really difficult to ricse out. A kind of build up left which feels dirty IYSWIM

Pennies Sun 20-Dec-09 20:06:30

TGOCP - did she - got any pics? Was it for some TV show? Was the the upshot of it all?

Parabens are preservatives which are put into almost all cosmetics and health and beauty products. They mimic oestrogens and can get into the system and cause nasties (inc. possible link with breast cancer).

FabIsGettingReadyForXmas Sun 20-Dec-09 20:08:15

Naked range in Boots is good though the shampoo dried my air out.

Palmolive is the only shower gel I have found so far without parabens.

You should avoid sodium sulplate laurate too.

FabIsGettingReadyForXmas Sun 20-Dec-09 20:09:13

my hair not air!

MaggieAnFiaRua Sun 20-Dec-09 20:10:48

yeah be careful with shower gels. cheap ones always have parabens.

so what happened to sarah beany??

catsdontscreetch Sun 20-Dec-09 20:11:55

Naked is good at from Boots, they also used to do Perfectly Obvious, but don't stock it my local branch any more.

For make up try Weleda or Dr. Hauschka, both companies been arounf dor years.

catsdontscreetch Sun 20-Dec-09 20:12:19

whoops- around for years

MaggieAnFiaRua Sun 20-Dec-09 20:13:52

what about a paraben free roll-on? I would like to start using one of those really.

Sazisi Sun 20-Dec-09 20:15:43

Ren do the loveliest natural stuff; it's not cheap (though not super-pricey) but the best I've found.

I like Nature Baby babywash/shampoo/bubble bath for the kids.

Greenbaby sunscreen is good.

EatingSwansHorror Sun 20-Dec-09 20:31:41

There are very few products commercially available which are free from all possible carcinogens. My MIL is a nutritionist and herbalist. She supplies Miessence which is lovely stuff (tho quite pricey) which is free from all the gunk. Madara is also pretty lovely and I'd say that their face cosmetics are as good as any with the gunk.

All that admitted I still love a bit of paraben every once in a while for that unnaturally soft feel!

Good luck...

shopalot Sun 20-Dec-09 20:33:55

Just realized my foundation comes as a pressed version. It is really excellent in the powder form here

HeffaMerryChristmas Sun 20-Dec-09 20:38:22

I use Faith in Nature for shampoo, conditioner and shower gel and I've been very pleased. I switched to them fairly recently. Good value as well, and I found the products in a local health food shop so don't have to buy online.

castille Sun 20-Dec-09 20:50:24

Lots of the French brands have high quality paraben free products, particularly their children's ranges, including sun cream. Examples: Nuxe, Caudalie, Cattier, Uriage, Avene.

I have used Avene Trixera body lotion for years, since my last pregnancy, and I have stuck with it, it is terrific.

BitOfFunderthemistletoe Sun 20-Dec-09 20:53:29

Don't Weleda fund some dodgy Steiner stuff or something?

ilovemydogandmrobama Sun 20-Dec-09 20:55:59

does Steiner have parabens?

morethanyoubargainfor Sun 20-Dec-09 20:56:51

i use faith in nature for most of my toiletries, shower gel, shampoo,conditioner, handwash etc.

For DS and household cleaning stuff i use the 'method' range, they are fab.

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