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attention 80's teenagers....need lipstick name!

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HinnyPet Sun 20-Dec-09 01:37:08

Pals and I were just discussing what the name of this lipstick is from the 80's.

It was pale mauvy bluey pink, frosted and made your teeth look yellow, but everybody had it.

Anybody know what the name was?

was it Rimmell or 17 or Constance Carroll?


JillyWillyPops Sun 20-Dec-09 01:43:07

Wasn't it constance carroll. That's the one that came into my mind!!

JeremyVile Sun 20-Dec-09 02:09:38

Rimmell... Heather something?
I was a 90s teen but that sounds like the vile one all the girls at school wore - not me, I wore the equally vile Black Cherry grin

JeremyVile Sun 20-Dec-09 02:10:13

Heather Shimmer maybe?

JeremyVile Sun 20-Dec-09 02:12:19

EEK it still exists

BitOfFunderthemistletoe Sun 20-Dec-09 02:13:42

As soon as I saw this title I thought Heather Shimmer.

alypaly Sun 20-Dec-09 02:19:04

yes heater shimmer,i use to use it yuk!

alypaly Sun 20-Dec-09 02:20:21

fruadian slip...heather,not central heating has broken down and my bring is automatically thinking heater............grin

coldtits Sun 20-Dec-09 02:26:37

Was it Cocoa crush, by 17?

Although sounds more like rimmel's heather Shimmer.

NancyDrewRocks Sun 20-Dec-09 06:23:30

Ha ha just saw the thread on actives and knew it had to be Heather Shimmer. Most revolting unflattering shade ever but was slathered on in copious amounts by all teh girls at school!

CantThinkofFunnyName Sun 20-Dec-09 07:12:51

Heather Shimmer by Rimmel 17! Ha - I used to wear it all the time blush

AngelinaJolly Sun 20-Dec-09 07:19:46


ShepherdsWashedTheirLocks Sun 20-Dec-09 07:35:14

Well done Angelina, you got there before me.
Made your teeth look like you smoked 40 a day. Twas loverly.

tadders Sun 20-Dec-09 07:40:30

I have a tube of heather shimmer and it is NOT pale mauvey bluey pink in the slightest. Back to the drawing board for ideas...

BooHooo Sun 20-Dec-09 07:46:23

It's No7

TheGoatofChristmasPast Sun 20-Dec-09 07:49:55

pink illusion

Polgara2 Sun 20-Dec-09 07:50:25

OMG Heather Shimmer I lurrved that lipstick - in fact I still have some in my collection somewhere - maybe I will dig it out and start a resurrection grin.

FolornHope Sun 20-Dec-09 07:51:40

i bought heather shimmer last year
it sok for summer

ssd Sun 20-Dec-09 07:58:11

l'oreal's cherries in the snow? or was that more red?

TheGoatofChristmasPast Sun 20-Dec-09 07:59:26

pink illusion pink illusion pink illusion pink illusion

GeorgiesGirl Sun 20-Dec-09 08:10:55

Another vote for Twilight Teaser. EVERYONE wore it. Suited no one.

Elfytigga Sun 20-Dec-09 08:12:52

Nope it was def Twighlight Teaser.

And there was the electric blue mascara that you had to wear with it.


Omg all the cool girls had heather shimmer but alas not I

Ronaldinhio Sun 20-Dec-09 08:17:29

heather shimmer

tadders Sun 20-Dec-09 08:43:27

Not heather shimmer wink

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