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Which make up counters have the best make up and give the best advice on products???

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ConnorTraceptive Wed 09-Dec-09 16:21:38

I want to replace my make up and would like to approach one of those scarey counters and let them make me over so I no longer look so bloody tired and weary looking!!

Which counters have the nicest ladies who won't make me look like a clown?!

happysmiley Wed 09-Dec-09 16:30:44

If you're in London, I'd highly recommend Armani cosmetics counters as I find they give great advice. Most of their products are decent and I love their foundation. Think they have counters in Selfridges and Harvey Nics.

Outside of London, I think MAC is best.

Interested to hear what brands other people like as I was just thinking it's time I booked myself in for a bit of a make over.

ConnorTraceptive Wed 09-Dec-09 16:33:42

Not in London unfortunatly but think our local debenhams has a MAC counter. Do you have to turn up with no make up on at all <horror shock>??

Bucharest Wed 09-Dec-09 16:37:12

I had this dilemma in the summer.I went to Estee Lauder woman in Boots who slapped slap on me, sold me £70 worth of stuff which under the lighting at home made me look orange.

Ebayed the lot, went to Clarins woman in Boots who was lovely. Didn't try and flog me anything, but when I bought Instant Smooth foundation (about which I am now evangelical!) she gave me a bag full of goodies.

So, she's won me for life!

happysmiley Wed 09-Dec-09 16:44:20

The lady at MAC did my make up for my wedding and she did a fantastic job. Only thing was she didn't give me as many tips and info as I would have liked, but probably my fault as I didn't really ask any questions.

You can go with make up on, but they will take it off! I think it leaves your skin feeling funny when you've just had make up removed and doesn't create a great base for the next layer.

Top tip, get the 8.30 am appointment. Promise no one you know will see you!

Walnut8 Wed 09-Dec-09 17:21:42

Bobbi Brown counters are very non-scary and makeup is very nice.

Agree with Armani counter at Selfridges.

Spacenk have a wide range of products ie Laura Mercier and NARS and (mostly) non-scary .

I have had a few v good makeovers at MAC (and had MAC makeup for my wedding) but find that the makeup is not so good when I do it myself! Colours are often a little out for me too.

Walnut8 Wed 09-Dec-09 17:22:45

And don't worry about having makeup on. I usually get it done in lunch-breaks - they just remove whatever you have on. I actually think it's better - they can get an idea of what you like.

lou33 Wed 09-Dec-09 17:24:13


they dont charge you to have a make over , which you have to redeem against products

plus their stuff is great , i think

ConnorTraceptive Wed 09-Dec-09 17:29:54

Thanks do you have to make an appointment in advance or can they sometimes do it there and then?

lou33 Wed 09-Dec-09 17:32:04

i popped in with a friend today to get myself some erase paste, and the counter was heaving with customers, but they still did an eye make up lesson on her

and we booked a couple of lessons for new year as well

Walnut8 Wed 09-Dec-09 17:34:49

I've never made an appointment. But it would depend on where and when I would think! Early morning should be best if you can manage at this time of year?

lou33 Wed 09-Dec-09 17:38:21

this is the first time i have made an appointment for myself, usually they have enough staff to do lessons there and then

i did book dd1 in for a makeover with her friend once though, for the last slot of the day, as they were going to a party and wanted to look a bit more glam than usual

happysmiley Wed 09-Dec-09 18:27:00

I think it's best to book. Usually if you turn up on spec they are quite busy (esp at this time of year) and can only address the specific issue you're asking about.

Book and you get at least 30 min, sometimes an hour and lots of general advice.

PS Forgot SpaceNK. Like walnut says, they have some good brands to choose from but be careful as some of the brands they stock are not as good.

pennyrain Wed 09-Dec-09 18:33:20

I'd go for clairns...always get lots of nice freebies!

Sparkletastic Wed 09-Dec-09 18:37:59

MAC ladies often have a tendency to do you up like a trannie IMO. BeneFit ladies are nice and non-pushy but their stuff is a bit style over substance. Chanel can be great as can Clarins and Bobbi Brown. You can just turn up if you choose a quiet time - often they are thrilled to see you. Basically avoid the counters with women that look like that Fast Show character played by whatsherface Does My Bum Look Big in This? woman...

frakkinaroundthechristmastree Wed 09-Dec-09 18:44:24

Depends where you are. I swear by Estee Launder and Prescriptives in Birmingham House of Fraser but Laura Mercier in Selfridges in the Bullring. Look for someone whose make up you like.

lou33 Wed 09-Dec-09 19:10:50

erase paste is the best thing i ever used, and their hello flawless powder is better than anything i have tried before

but on a purely superficial note, i do like the little sayings that come with their lipsticks

Earthstar Wed 09-Dec-09 19:15:01

Best ever - Benefit,in a class of its own for makeovers imo

Worst ever - Bobbi Brown - hideous over made up look and rude assistant

lilibet Wed 09-Dec-09 19:17:24

My dd works for Benefit, you're not in the North West by any chance?

lou33 Wed 09-Dec-09 19:17:57

i didnt make sense in my last post

i meant that erase paste is the best thing concealer wise i have ever used, and their hello flawless powder also the best of its kind


is that amy more clear?


kittya Wed 09-Dec-09 19:38:45

I went to Mac last week and the first girl said they wouldnt have time but then someone else approached me and did my full make up! It looked great and she never tried to sell me anything but I bought it all anyway. I think it depends on the individual who is working there.

ConnorTraceptive Thu 10-Dec-09 12:48:38

Thanks for all the help am definately going to book something as have just seen a photo of myself taken about 15 minutes AFTER i've put on make up and I look tired and old <sigh>

traceybath Thu 10-Dec-09 12:53:51

I think it depends on what look you want.

Mac good for night time/party make up. But Bobbi Brown good for classic/neutral make up.

I like Space NK too but would echo the poster who suggests you ask someone whose make up you like.

Helewise Thu 10-Dec-09 14:20:44

Agree that you should go to somebody who has applied their own make-up well.
I refuse a free consulation on the Clinique stand as they always look orange with badly applied make-up.
Benefit is good, but couldn't remember all the fiddly highlighting afterwards.
Found Space NK and Chanel to be best personally. Though found Space NK to be a little pushier about purchasing all the products.

ConnorTraceptive Thu 10-Dec-09 14:41:01

Hmm definately want a more neutral classic look. Will search for nice counter lady with nice make up!!

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