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Hunter Wellies, Are the green ones classic or boring?

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nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 29-Nov-09 21:03:49

I went to the farmers shop on saturday and tried on all their wellies. The only pair that actually fit my apparently humungous calves were the Huntress ones and they only had the green in my size.

But i'm having second thoughts about the colour.

Do I take them back or learn to love them?

nickytwotimes Sun 29-Nov-09 21:07:20

Oh, I love my hunters. Got them from the Army Navy store when I was 13 and they are still going strong. Never give me blisters either.
<sucks Werther's original>
Keep 'em.
Her Maj wears navy colour apparently.

toppoptart Sun 29-Nov-09 21:07:40

Personally i like the black ones, but am far too tight to part with the ££

elastamum Sun 29-Nov-09 21:07:44

Depends what you want them for. I wear green wellies every day to muck out my horses and have never given them a thought! I dont ever think of them as a fashion statement but I cant imagine schlepping arond in a flowery pair though. Flowery wellies are for townies IMO

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 29-Nov-09 21:08:52

I don't want to be mistaken for the queen when i'm out so that something to consider definitely.

nickytwotimes Sun 29-Nov-09 21:10:22


nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 29-Nov-09 21:13:41

I want them because the mud seems to be wetter and deeper here than i remembered and my usual walking boots aren't doing the job and are a pain to clean the mud off.

I don't have horses though. That's for country folk. wink

LetThemEatCake Sun 29-Nov-09 21:35:42

shoulda got the aubergine ....

CMOTdibbler Sun 29-Nov-09 21:41:24

Hunter wellies last really well - I still have an 15 year old pair of navy ones at my parents. Plain green, black or navy wellies are the only proper ones though - there's something wrong about coloured or patterned wellies.

Currently I have our local feed merchants Hunter knock off wellies which are a tenner and much the same fit tho

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 29-Nov-09 21:57:39

my waterproof jacket is black if that helps with the style and beauty aspect.

the fact they last forever is why i don't want to be lumbered with pair of yucky green ones unless they are considered a 'classic' smile

LauraIngallsWilder Sun 29-Nov-09 22:00:54

Depends what you are doing dragon - Id go for green for on the farm type stuff

Ive got green for gardening and any mega muddy activities
And flowery townie wellies for watching ds at Rugby training

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 29-Nov-09 22:03:10

i don't do farms.

but i do do walking in muddy places.

blithedance Sun 29-Nov-09 22:03:39

Green wellies.

Never in fashion, so never out of fashion IMO.

But then I like green!

Southwestwhippet Sun 29-Nov-09 22:05:36

Flowerly wellies are NOT for townies angry angry wink - I work with horses every day, live in the country and own a pair of the green Joules wellies with the dogs on.

That said, they have got a hole in after less than a year of use so I will be replacing them with a pair of bright pink hunters really soon I hope.

pushmepullyou Sun 29-Nov-09 22:12:31

Green hunters - classics.

And I speak as a professional welly wearer!

Still prefer my Aigles though

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 29-Nov-09 22:15:02

your what?

SameAsYou Sun 29-Nov-09 22:19:42

I have Green Hunters - but a size 4 so bought them at childs prices!

I love them so much!

frostyfingers Mon 30-Nov-09 10:26:02

Try Out of The City I bought some Festival Black Hunters reduced from £79.99 to £20.00. No way would I pay £80.00 for a pair of wellies, but £20.00 is fine! Lots of different colours on there too.

ladytophamhat Mon 30-Nov-09 10:57:36

even if I do look like Her Maj grin

pushmepullyou Mon 30-Nov-09 14:13:49

Aigle wellies here.

The have more cushioning in the soles than hunters so are more comfortable for wearing for long periods. The also have a special lining that makes them easier to get on and off.

They are very quite pricy though, but worth it if you're likely to use them a lot. My DH has had his 10 years and they're still going strong

Leeka Mon 30-Nov-09 14:18:41

Sooooo comfy. Green, blue or black are classic, any others are a bit naff. I agree, flowery, bright coloured and patterned wellies are for townies!

hanaflower Mon 30-Nov-09 14:21:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nevergoogledragonbutter Tue 01-Dec-09 20:12:06

oh, i think i'm going to stick with the green. mainly because i can't be bothered to return them and wait for black ones to arrive.

nobody has said they don't like the green ones.

i'll think of it as an anti-royalist decision grin

triggerfish Wed 02-Dec-09 01:14:29

Hi dragon!
I'm with pushmepullyou re Aigles.
Having had green hunters for about 20yrs (and been very pleased with them), I recieved a pair of neoprene lined aigles for christmas last year from DH. I find them so much more comfy, warm and easier to get on then my hunters ever were - and the hunters really were fine!
However, I think DH mat have had to remortgage the house or sell his body to pay for them? (No, the latter would definately not have worked!!!!!!).
As for colour, Green is good. And just improves with the more shit you get on them!
Enjoy the fact you will be able to step in deeper puddles then your kiddiestinks!

madwomanintheattic Wed 02-Dec-09 01:28:18

see, the only ones that fit me were the yellow ones... which are clearly naff and even dh eyes me suspiciously when i don them. they would only really work on a social level with flowery skirts and a trug tbh (neither of which i own), which leaves me a social outcast with small feet and large calves (calfs? - lumme, must be late - my inner pedant has gorn orf somewhere leaving me at a loss> )

<jealous of green wellies emoticon>

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