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My hopefully Christmas present

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upahill Thu 12-Nov-09 19:05:49

Well I've seen my future Christmas present. Admittedly DH doesn't know it yet. What's the thoughts? ter-wax-jacket-beige.html

upahill Thu 12-Nov-09 19:06:56

Ha! link not worked!here's me trying to be clever.

dexter73 Thu 12-Nov-09 19:32:39


Stylelostinlabour Thu 12-Nov-09 19:38:38

Gosh that is lovely!

upahill Thu 12-Nov-09 19:49:37

That's it!!!! Thanks.

I've wanted a Belstaff since I was about 15 (I'm 44 now) but I still love them. Back in the day it was the black waxed one that I lusted after (still do to be honest) but this one is the one I'm in love with. If I don't get it at Christmas I'll probably treat myself at the end of January.

Stylelostinlabour Thu 12-Nov-09 19:53:23

I'm very jealous wish something like that would suit me!

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