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Which shoes go best with this dress?

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nikki1978 Thu 12-Nov-09 17:05:09

This is for a wedding in Australia in January. Here is the dress:-

This is one pair I am thinking of:-

The other is these (top pair):-,%20bags %20and%20wraps

The dress code is elegant summer wear. What do you think?

nikki1978 Thu 12-Nov-09 17:07:39

Or these but not sure if the colour goes....

Besom Thu 12-Nov-09 17:17:06

I think the wedges are too casual for that dress. I would say the second pair go better.

nikki1978 Thu 12-Nov-09 17:25:11

Yeah thats what I thought. Shame as the wedges are so cheap and easy to walk in

tinkerbellesmuse Thu 12-Nov-09 17:47:59

The wedges are horrible - sorry! The only way (imo) to wear wedges is really really high.

I like both the other pairs - although the heal on the first looks like it might be one of those shiny plastic ones which would make them look a but cheap. Also second pair are better height for wedding with all that standing and dancing!

InThisSequinBraYesYouOlaJordan Thu 12-Nov-09 18:20:48

How about picking up the pink rather than matching to the brown

I have these for my from DH and they are beautiful - the corsage would follow the flower theme too.

* shameful posting of new shoes photo emoticon *

nikki1978 Thu 12-Nov-09 19:09:58

They are lovely but I really can't afford £60 for shoes - the whole cost of going to the wedding for me in in the thousands already!

Actually just realised it is the second pair down on the Perditas Shoes siet not the top pair.

Besom Thu 12-Nov-09 20:42:15

The second pair down look slightly more comfortable actually, because they are platformed so the heal not as high.

lou33 Thu 12-Nov-09 20:47:18

definitely the second pair, they are really nice

the wedges are not v nice

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