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Anyone got their eyelashes tinted? How much? Ok for senstive eyes?

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Adair Thu 12-Nov-09 09:21:18

after bouts of recurring styes, I now don't seem to be able to wear mascara as my eyes go watery and uncomfortable (tried various types old and brand new).

But I have the shortest eyelashes known to mankind and miss my sixties style dark eye make-up.

could I get eyelashes tinted? How much does it cost? Anyone done it?


lucykate Thu 12-Nov-09 12:44:02

i get mine done, pay £12 and lasts about 6 weeks, sometimes longer. should be ok for sensitive eyes as they will do a patch test with the dye before you have it done. a mixture of blue and black gives the most noticeable colour. the tips of my lashes are blond, so it really does make a huge difference when mine are freshly done. have always had it done professionally, but have recently bought a kit to have a go at doing it at home.

LouIsAWeetbixKid Thu 12-Nov-09 12:45:49

I get mine done and I hace sensitive fidgit-y eyes. I always seem to get the dye in my eyes and while it stings like the beejeezus for a little bit it is better after a bit. I pay about 10-12 pounds I think.

Seededbiatch Thu 12-Nov-09 12:51:24

I have had mine done several times. I have quite sensitive eyes and it doesn't really affect them badly. Stings a bit maybe when it's first done but after that you wouldn't notice it.

I would pay about £10 but really it only lasts about 2 weeks until fades quite a bit. I haven't had it done for ages for because I don't think it's worth it. If you're going on holiday then maybe.

sweetheart Thu 12-Nov-09 13:07:29

I've had it done quite a few times in the past and I love it. Can't quite remember how much though sorry. Also I don't suffer with sensative eyes so I can't be any help there. It does sting when you get it done but once you've given your eye's a good wash it's fine.

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 12-Nov-09 13:09:14

I have mine tinted and permed. It can sting a bit, but it doesn't last long.

Can't remember how much it costs to just have the tint, but £12 rings a bell.

Adair Thu 12-Nov-09 14:35:51

Thanks for all your comments!

The stinging is putting me off a bit (this is a girl who doesn't do waxing or threading or other painful grooming type things grin). Will have a think...

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 12-Nov-09 15:38:26

It's really not that bad and doesn't last very long. As a wearer of contact lenses there's no way I'd put up with ongoing stinging!

It also depends on the skill of the therapist - sometimes I have had no stinging at all.

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