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To chop or not to chop??

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BunnyLebowski Thu 12-Nov-09 09:07:27

My hair is long, dark and very thick (see pics on profile). It has a natural wave to it which I have spent the last decade trying to ghd into submission.

When I take an hour to do it it looks lovely but most of the time it gets shoved up in a dreary ponytail or hangs forlornly and heavily around my face sad.

I've had the same style for 5/6 years and I'm bored!

I have made an appointment for a restyle next week and I am very tempted to get it cut up to shoulder or maybe just beneath jaw level.

I don't want a mumsy layered feathery cut a la this. Layers make my thick hair spring leaving me looking like this

What I would like is something like



or this disney chick

another example but mine would be side parted and have a side fringe

Am I mad to cut my hair off? Anyone done it and regretted it? Or loved it?

Would any of these styles suit my face?


JJ Thu 12-Nov-09 09:13:23

I had mine cut from below shoulder length to short in September and love it. It's much easier and looks like I've made an effort (although I haven't) now more often than not. I used to wear it back in a ponytail too much.

No idea what styles suit you; I'm crap at that sort of thing and my hair is quite curly. I went in and picked out photos from mags I liked and told him what I didn't want (no bob for me, please) and he did the rest.

Good luck. Even if it's awful it'll grow back, so it's a calculated risk. smile

PyrotechnicToadstool Thu 12-Nov-09 09:20:33

I had long hair a few years ago and just put it in a pony tail every day. Never did anything with it. So I cut it allll off and loved it - much shorter than those... oh I miss my short hair. I did have to wash it daily but it took about three seconds and not much longer to dry and style. And it was lovely <sob>

I started growing it again when I was pregnant because I knew I'd never wash it every day - well now it's getting long again I don't know what to dooooo. Not much help, am I?

But - hair grows back. So go for it.

teameric Thu 12-Nov-09 09:23:29

go for it, like JJ said it will soon grow back if you don't like it and if you have it shoulder length at least you can still wear it up if need be.
I had a mad moment in the summer and decided to chop my long hair off, walked into the hairdresser and told them to just crop it, my hair now looks like this and I love it!!

BunnyLebowski Thu 12-Nov-09 09:24:18

Oooh thank you both!

I don't want to go too short as I spent my teenage years with orrible short hair and it does not suit me.

I just need a new look!

I'm going to go for it! Woohoo!

teameric Thu 12-Nov-09 09:27:05

by the way just looked at your profile pics and think it would look really nice shoulder length because of the wave you have, don't think you should go chin length though as it may not lay as nice IYSWIM

PyrotechnicToadstool Thu 12-Nov-09 09:28:14

I think any of the cuts you linked to would look great, I love Liv Tyler's hair. It would puff and frizz on me envy so it's either short, or long, and not much in between.

There's always the permanent blowdry to save you a few months of styling, if you can afford it.

BunnyLebowski Thu 12-Nov-09 11:47:44

Yep pyro Liv's hair is gorgeous isn't it? Wonder if they can give me her face and legs while I'm in there? wink

I'm thinking of taking these pics of Nicole Richie



So pretty!

I'm getting excited now! Hope I don't come out looking like this [grin]

VerityBrulee Thu 12-Nov-09 13:01:11

You are very pretty, you should chop it off, it'll be gorgeous


kittya Thu 12-Nov-09 13:04:16

Are you going to a new hairdresser? When I had mine chopped off last week I went to a completely different hairdressers and think that was a good move. I love it shorter. It makes me look younger!

BunnyLebowski Thu 12-Nov-09 13:11:12

Aw shucks Verity thank you smile

kittya I'm going to a hairdresser back home in Ireland who I've only been to once before and had one of the best cuts ever.

I feel like my hair is physically and metaphorically dragging me down. Time to act!

NorkilyChallenged Thu 12-Nov-09 13:33:40

oooh you've inspired me. I need to get my hair cut (though mine is very thin and rubbish so would never look as lovely as your will with one of the lovely cuts you linked to envy)

Let us know how it goes.

kittya Fri 13-Nov-09 00:10:16

Yes, if its dragging your face down, go for it. I havent looked back. I paid alot though, nearly £60 but its been so worth it. Just have to save up to get the colour done now!

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