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Attn wrap dress fans!

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aloha Sat 18-Jun-05 17:13:56

Great sleeveless jersey wrap dresses in prints and plain colours in Primark NOW! Only 8 pounds! I've bought three for me and some for my mum too.

foxinsocks Sat 18-Jun-05 17:32:10

I saw these yesterday

Do you wear a T-shirty type thing underneath them? They looked quite low cut and loose (although maybe once on it would be different)? They've got some nice things in primark at the mo.

MarsLady Sat 18-Jun-05 17:58:18

Cheers ears!

MaloryTowers Sat 18-Jun-05 18:03:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aloha Sat 18-Jun-05 18:05:20

not loose but quite low cut - would look v nice with vest/camisole/secret support top under imo.

TwinSetAndPearls Sat 18-Jun-05 21:20:46

I went to Primark today and am still recovering. I queued for an hour to get in the changing room, only then to spend about thirty minutes swopping items over as I was only allowed 4 items a time. Went back to my cubicle to find it had been taken over by a group of mad scousers (don't want to offend anyone but they were loud, mad and refused to let me back in even though my bra, top and sunglasses were in there!! Only then to see the hour long queue for the till. Got lots of great bargains though!

I have noticed a seller on ebay buys from Primark and sells on at double the price, I was outbid for a dress at £20 that I saw for £8 in the store today. Looked rubbish on though so amn glad I was outbid.

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