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Where can I buy plain white (cotton?) petticoat/slip for a toddler?

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DD has a lovely dress we bought in Spain in the summer , but it's sort of open in the back (buttons down the back of the bodice, then the two sides aren't joined at the back below waist level). So I'd like to get a plain white petticoat/slip to wear under it -- full length or just a waist slip. Where actually sells those in toddler sizes? Any help much appreciated.

Feelingoptimistic Wed 11-Nov-09 13:54:03

I don't think such an item exists... Sounds to me it's the kind of dress that is intended to be worn with leggings or maybe even jeans.

NancyBotwin Wed 11-Nov-09 19:35:39

I don't think you can buy slips for children anymore - I needed one for my dd a few years ago ad failed to find any. I ended up making one myself...

It's a pretty smart dress and really doesn't look like an over-trousers-or-leggings type (DD has plenty of those). Although I did find what look like matching pants I may have overlooked the other day, so perhaps knicker-flashing is just expected.

I may just make my own slip too, then <eyes sewing machine nervously>...

Thanks for input!

differentID Wed 11-Nov-09 22:47:15

will this do?

Eighteen quid? <faints>

Hmm.. maybe... not sure that much fullness will work... (if it were cheaper would buy it anyway on spec... hmm)

Thank you, though, will have to think about that one...

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