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what is your ds' hair like?

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Booyhoo Tue 10-Nov-09 14:36:21

ds is 4 and has dark blond hair. its quite thick and its short. its razored at the back and slightly longer on top. its a nice cut on lots of little boys but on ds it just looks wrong.

ive tried growing his hair down but its very thick and just looks really unkempt and makes his head look massive. will he forever be stuck with his short hair?

andlipsticktoo Tue 10-Nov-09 14:40:34

ds1 has incredibly thick, wirey hair and so it looks best v short - we tried growing it once, but it just gets bigger!grin

DS1 and 2 have slightly finer hair but lots of it and it is shoulder length. I love it, but it does look unkempt!
Ds3 now wants it cut short 'like a real boy'.sad peer pressure eh!

andlipsticktoo Tue 10-Nov-09 14:41:24

sorry ds 2 and 3 have long hair!

redsofas Tue 10-Nov-09 14:44:35

ds1 has got fine hair but has it cut at a grade 3 back and sides and a little longer on top so he can have it spiked up!!!! if it was cut any shorter though he'd just look bald hence the fine hair but i dont think long hair would suit him at all as he is a very 'pretty' boy, ds2 hasn't got much hair at all as is only 12 weeks grin

mathanxiety Tue 10-Nov-09 16:11:55

Try a Julius Caesar cut? (Like George Clooney)

mooseloose Tue 10-Nov-09 16:16:51

ds is 7 and looks better with a fringe and longer on top shorter at sides and back.
ds 10 growing his and it looks like a helmet - cries if i tell him it needs to be cut. It's awful! The sides are all puffed out! Needs washing every day!
eldest has fairly short which he combs foward - not cool to spike up!

Booyhoo Tue 10-Nov-09 16:22:28

he has a huge cow's lick and cant have a fringe. even when we blow dry it down it still springs back up again. doesnt bother him but looks really funny.

Booyhoo Tue 10-Nov-09 16:23:27

he wears glasses aswell and the hair just doesnt match.

poor kid

Helium Tue 10-Nov-09 16:28:30

Another vote for the Ceaser cut! Classic and doesnt look like a 'style' too much.

Hullygully Tue 10-Nov-09 16:30:10

Mine has bright red long ringlets.

seeyounexttues Tue 10-Nov-09 17:01:15

think Anakin in Phantom Menace

Greensleeves Tue 10-Nov-09 17:04:00

Mine are on my profile

I did have one woman on MN tell me that ds1 looked " a bit special" hmmhmm

Greensleeves Tue 10-Nov-09 17:12:02

where the hell is my profile?!?!??!

MaggieLaVoleuse Tue 10-Nov-09 17:14:41

my children are so lucky. ONe has poker straight hair like her Dad, but it's thick like mine. And the other has curly hair like me, but it's not thick, so it falls into lovely curls.

I got such shit hair. Curly but so thick that the curl just gets weighed down into a massive thatch. Very happy neither of my two got the thatch.

cece Tue 10-Nov-09 17:18:55

I always ask for an old fashioned boys haircut no clippers. Seems to suit him. smile

BoneYard Tue 10-Nov-09 17:19:39

DS1's hair looks like this (one the right obv)

DS2's hair looks like this

jaquelinehyde Tue 10-Nov-09 17:26:40

A short neat afro, looks fab on him.

Not much help for your ideas though, sorry. Although I suppose you could perm his hair?

Megglevache Tue 10-Nov-09 17:30:43

Unkempt, messy, curly when people call him a girl he has about 2mms cut off...I try to get him to cut it all the time. grin I love those sort of mohicanish cuts on little boys I think it looks cute.

Caesar cut sound snice.

Booyhoo Tue 10-Nov-09 17:44:46

do you think if i let it grow long enough the weight of it would pul it downwards rather than outwards? i could put up with the bad stage if i though the end result would look good.

bogie Tue 10-Nov-09 17:48:49

my ds has very wirey hair he has it shaved down both sides and a little longer on top
This is my ds (wait for judgeys to slate me because he mogggles) NodeID=53882031&page=2&node=44190030&sr=1-17&mnSBrand=core&rh=n%3A44190030
But you can see his hair really good on the 2nd pic

posieparker Tue 10-Nov-09 17:52:23

One has quite4 short and styled hair, it looks lovely about 2-3 inches longer but only 1 day out of 4 and the rest it looks terrible, his hair is mousy and thick with a wave/curl when longer.
The other has gorgeous curly hair mousy with a flash of red at the front (people ask if I've dyed itshock) it's longer and unkempt...bit like megglevache's DS!

The other has no hair, yet!

redsofas Tue 10-Nov-09 18:01:16

bogie your ds is well cute!!! loving his hairstyle too maybe try that one out on ds1 see how it looks!!! (if you dont mind lol) grin

bogie Tue 10-Nov-09 18:02:40

Go ahead I love his hair as it is now

InterruptingKid Tue 10-Nov-09 18:03:16

yuk to shaved
triple tuk to tram lines

HeadFairy Tue 10-Nov-09 18:04:04

ds is only 2 but I'm resisting cutting his lovely curly blonde locks off... I can't bear my little baby to look all grown up with a proper hairdo (pfb alert! )

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