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If all the other bridesmaids have their hair up, should I wear mine up too?

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MaMight Tue 10-Nov-09 10:20:12

This is one of those questions that lots of people will just know the answer to, and I will never understand how people know the right answer if I live to be 300.

Intuitively stylish, I am not.

So, I am to be a bridesmaid. The bride has asked all of us to think about how we want our hair and let the hairdresser know ahead of schedule.

We are all in different dresses, different fabrics, different colours, with a loose theme.

We have all chosen our own thing.

My friend's focus is on having her best friends around her, not on matchy matchy to look good for photos.

So, Everyone else is having their hair put up in some romantic, vintage, flowery sort of way.

My hair suits me best down. My first choice would be to have it done but have it done down.

However, it's not really a big deal to wear it up either. I am easy. I don't have wing-nut ears or a frightening hairline or anything I want to hide. Just a vague idea that my hair down is slightly more flattering. I sometimes wear it up.

Is it better to do what I want and it will look fine having 4 X hair up and 1 X hair down?

Or is it better to all have hair up?

displayuntilbestbefore Tue 10-Nov-09 10:25:44

My bridesmaids didn't all have the same hair do. 2 of them wore it down (one medium length bob, one longer hair) and the 3rd had hers up.
What linked them was they all had the sam style dress and I bought them all some reaslly pretty pearly flower hair clips to put in their hair so even though diffeent styled hair, they had same accessories.
Don't think you have to do the same - unless bride very keen for uniformity!

You're in different dresses/fabrics/colours; having your hair down is not suddenly going to break an image of mass uniformity. Have it done how you would like it.

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