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Where in the name of God can I buy a boy's coat that is not turd brown???

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moondog Mon 09-Nov-09 23:14:46

Or a dull dark blue?
Christ, it's grim enough without adding to the muted palette of a British winter eh?

FreeTheGuidoOne Mon 09-Nov-09 23:17:10

If you find one, be a dear and let me know if they also sell a girl's coat that isn't the colour of regurgitated candy floss. I'm particularly keen to find something without fur, glitter and disney fecking princesses on it. Honestly, there are so many colours out there and this is the best they can come up with.

paddingtonbear1 Mon 09-Nov-09 23:18:06

one of my friends bought her ds a bright blue coat from Debenhams


it looks really nice in rl!

Claire2009 Mon 09-Nov-09 23:21:40


DS has a coat from each of these, one blue, one orange, one light brown/blue/red.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 09-Nov-09 23:24:48

There was some nice stuff in John Lewis yesterday - how old a boy are we talking, mine is only 15 months so anything for anyone over about 4 is completely off my radar!

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Mon 09-Nov-09 23:37:02

What age? Gap normally have red...

moondog Mon 09-Nov-09 23:44:38

Sorry, he's 5. He did have a nice Boden one but outgrown and that seems only style tey have.
Not bad Paddington, but i don't do logos.

They're al lthe bloody same eh?!

Will check out gap.Thanks.

gigglewitch Tue 10-Nov-09 00:04:34

pmsl - I remember doing just this thing in 2004...grin

I usually go for m&co but even they've submitted to crappy colours this year...

My boys have last year's - one is bright blue from next and the other is red from George/Asda grin
This year we've got kitted out at Milletts!!

kissyfurschaos Tue 10-Nov-09 00:19:38

DS has the cobalt blue debenhams one. it is lovely and warm and he gets lots of compliments wearing it- two during a shopping trip today. The fur is detatchable, if like my mother you detest it.
There are usually debenhams codes floating around but did go up a size as find their cut very mean petite.

notanumber Tue 10-Nov-09 08:59:04

This red duffle coat from Mothercare is actually for girls (gasp!) but my DS looks lovely in it.

MarthaFarquhar Tue 10-Nov-09 09:01:29

I've seen this orange beauty in our GAP.

GentleOtter Tue 10-Nov-09 09:04:36

Some lovely bright colours here

GentleOtter Tue 10-Nov-09 09:08:02

Forgot to add that you get 15% off your first order if you put SCOTFARMER in the discount code box.

Bonsoir Tue 10-Nov-09 09:10:58


pcworld Tue 10-Nov-09 09:18:00

I got ds a lovely green padded coat with hood for a tenner from Sainsburys. It is great for the cold weather and has drawn many admiring comments! Supermarkets can yield some good results!

Gipfeli Tue 10-Nov-09 09:19:06

Red padded one?

DS wanted this one but we bought him a dull blue one in the end smile - because it had a detachable red fleece gilet as lining.

lulahrose Tue 10-Nov-09 09:21:06

John Lewis

foxinsocks Tue 10-Nov-09 09:22:46

I'm getting wound up by this. What was even more annoying is that I bought one last year that should have lasted 2 winters but he lost it at the end of last winter arrghh!

I also want one WITHOUT a detatchable hood otherwise there will be no hood left after one week!

lulahrose Tue 10-Nov-09 09:23:09

FreeTheGuidoOne- there are quite a few on John Lewis for girls as well, just bought DD one.

foxinsocks Tue 10-Nov-09 09:23:35

I mean with a hood that doesn't come off

or any bits that come off

because bits that come off = bits you never see again grrr

foxinsocks Tue 10-Nov-09 09:25:37

gap coats for boys looked horrid this year (in store) - what's annoying is that they had nice ones on their US website

I normally love john lewis coats but don't like the patterns (and most of the hoods don't look right!)

I quite like the joules sea dog coat but not sure if warm enough

GAP US have a fabulous bright blue coat that looks warm and snuggly. Wish they had that one here!

mrsjammi Tue 10-Nov-09 09:34:33

Message withdrawn

DiamondHead Tue 10-Nov-09 09:35:16

I got my ds a lovly red one in Costco. Was only £20 something as well and very warm.

minko Tue 10-Nov-09 09:37:43

I bought a fab green one in H+M for DS. It's a ski jacket but covers his bum. Very nicely made with black details and glow in the dark bits. It came in blue and brown too (and pink if you have a DD you'd like to be matching!) and ost about £30.

8oreighty Tue 10-Nov-09 09:39:12

I just bought a lovely turd brown for my ds thank you very much.

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