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Has anyone else submitted reviews on the Boden site?

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katy1katy Mon 09-Nov-09 13:17:31

Message withdrawn

MrsJohnDeere Mon 09-Nov-09 13:33:39

I've done a few - about 50:50 positive and negative - and they've all been used. The negative ones are usually hidden right at the end somewhere!

Rubyrubyruby Mon 09-Nov-09 13:34:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Oumasrusks Mon 09-Nov-09 13:58:37

I've submitted both positive and negative reviews and they were all put on.

katy1katy Mon 09-Nov-09 14:03:13

Message withdrawn

stringbean Mon 09-Nov-09 14:03:43

I submitted a review for a product, having bought two of the same item in different colours. They were the same size (allegedly) but the fit between them was so different, and I commented that Johnnie should sort out his sizing. Needless to say, the review did not appear, but I did get an email and £10 credit by way of an apology, so I guess they are all read and duly noted.

Bodeniiites Mon 09-Nov-09 14:10:52

i sent one last week that was a bit critical in parts no sign of it

purplepeony Mon 09-Nov-09 17:54:55

I've submitted lots- and they have all appeared. have you looked under low-high reviews if yours was not glowing?

I once didn't find one of mine- it was critical- so sent another and it did appear.

marthastewart Mon 09-Nov-09 18:09:04

Yes I have - all appeared but then again they were all favourable - easy to please I guess?!
To be honest was happy with what I ordered for the most part.

kittya Tue 10-Nov-09 19:28:14

I have on numerous occasions as I think they are helpful. Its true though, if they arent glowing they "forget" to put them up. Very annoying. Whenever I am thinking of buying something I always read the reviews from lowest to highest but you have to set this yourself as typically the highest is the default.

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