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Find me surfy flips flops online for boys, please......

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NomDePlume Fri 17-Jun-05 20:13:54

Trainers will be far too hot for hols, so getting flip flops. DS is into Quiksilver, O'neill and the like, so ideally they will be in that sort of style. Find me some please .


NomDePlume Fri 17-Jun-05 20:35:17


serenity Fri 17-Jun-05 23:59:18

taadaa!!! big flourish, good grief i'm feeling helpful today!

They've got beach shoes that are quite cool, plus Quiksilver flipflops.

NomDePlume Sat 18-Jun-05 10:08:04

Thanks serenity , but..... I don't want toe posts types. Already scoured vertbaudet.

cupcakes Sat 18-Jun-05 10:19:29

I'm always linking to Boden but what about these

NomDePlume Sat 18-Jun-05 10:22:24

nice, but toe posts

cupcakes Sat 18-Jun-05 10:24:39

so not actually flip flops then? Does he want sandles or Birkenstock style things. Or slide on pool shoes?

RTKangaMummy Sat 18-Jun-05 10:56:19

here are some flip flops

RTKangaMummy Sat 18-Jun-05 11:03:07

oh sorry they have toe posts

LIZS Sat 18-Jun-05 11:23:43

Any of htses any good - they seem to start at size 6 and most fo the very trendy ones have toe posts but the Nike, Speedo etc don't.

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